3 months in Las Vegas

I've been toying with a visit to Vegas for years but I've always ended up going to Thailand for the winter (I have 3 months off work every year in January, February and March) and in January of 2010 I'm going against the grain and am heading to Vegas for the 3 months. I'm 29 years old and a online poker player most evenings (and do quiet well) and I'm looking at coming over and playing in the multi-table tournaments most if not every day. I've found where and when the tourneys are, but I'm more concerned about where to stop for the duration of my stay. I was wondering if any of you Vegas Vets have an idea of where to stop for 80-odd days while I'm there. Nothing too fancy, but not a dive. Free Internet in the room is a must.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks,
Chris Brooks
(United Kingdom)

P.S. Great work on the website!

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Chris, I can only imagine how many people are jealous of you. 80 days in Las Vegas is enough to give you years and years of great stories, and it'll be a very different experience than the Thai holiday you're used to. Of course in both places there's no guarantee the "women" you see are really women, but in Las Vegas you can get a truthful answer from a pit boss or bartender if you need to know.

The question you ask is not a typical one for us. Most visitors only get a handful of days to spend in Vegas, so splurging on a nice hotel is fine. But for a long term stay we need to find somewhere that strikes a balance between being handy to the casinos and nightlife (in a follow-up e-mail you mentioned you didn't plan on renting a car) but not so much of an expense as to make a long stay unaffordable.

While it would be fantastic to spend 3 months in a Strip hotel, I don't think that's feasible. What I'd recommend is one of two extended-stay places that are a little off the Strip -- bringing their cost down -- but not so far away that you'll get killed by cab fare. The ones I think would serve you best are the Residence Inn near the convention center or Staybridge Suites fairly near Mandalay Bay.

Both of these places have little kitchenettes and in-room Internet access, are safe and comfortable and won't eat up your entire budget. They're also near enough the Strip that a cab ride won't cost as much as the cover charge you'll pay at one of the nightclubs you're probably going to become a regular at.

Your visit comes at a nice time of year. You may find a few cold days in January, but by the time February and March roll around, Vegas weather is usually pretty mild. It'll be a good idea to bring along light- and medium-weight jackets, but you can probably leave the parka at home.

I don't know if you'll want to book your entire stay in advance, but I'd recommend at least taking care of your room through the first part of February. The Super Bowl is held on February 7, 2010, and Las Vegas is PACKED for that event. Wait too long and it can be difficult to book a room during that week. You'll love being their for the whole spectacle. The Strip is one big party for the entire weekend.

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  1. TimmyTime said:

    I stayed in Vegas for 2 months ended bringing home 300,0000 + in poker winnings the people out there r suckers lol They just watch the poker on TV and think they can play lol I live in NJ and AC is my home haha

  2. Sally said:

    Hi Chris,
    I've been here almost 7 years and I still love LV just as much as I did when I first moved here. I would suggest looking for a condo rental near the strip, with all of the empty properties I would think that finding a nice condo for 3 months should be easy and more affordable then a weekly motel. Probably much nicer too! Try las vegas condo rentals. Enjoy your stay and take your vitamins because you'll need it!

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