A Sin City Halloween

I'm getting married Halloween night 2010 want to know where we could go for a reception or a great afterparty. Wild and crazy a must!


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As you have likely guessed, Las Vegas is a great place for a Halloween. Or a wedding. Or a Halloween wedding. There's nothing spectacular in the way of a street party for the holiday, but it's almost impossible to make a wrong choice in picking a club. All of the large ones will be packed and the likely highlight of each is a costume contest. Think very, very sexy costumes.

Planning this far in advance the specific place to go is going to be impossible, though. Like in any city, the current "It" club of Vegas nightlife varies to year to year, month to month, and even week to week. Jack Colton -- owner of the website we use as our authority on Sin City nightlife, JackColton.com -- says you'll need to wait until the big day is nearer before making a final decision:

"Most all nightclubs throw a number of Halloween parties that week and weekend, with cash prizes for costume contests ranging from $5000 to $50,000. The only trick with figuring out which one to go to is that they don't typically starts promotions until just a few weeks beforehand," Colton said. "I would suggest waiting until around October 15, 2010, to really nail the nightlife schedule down."

So the upside is that no matter where you go, you're probably going to return to Canada having seen the wildest Halloween party of your life. The downside is the date is more than a year away.

For detailed insight into the Las Vegas nightclub scene, visit JackColton.com.

4 responses to “A Sin City Halloween”

  1. she40DD said:

    We're in vegas halloween 2010 for our anniversary..studio 54 at the MGM grand always has a great halloween costume party..all the big hotels do actually..theres also the halloweenball at the hard rock..W&L

  2. Frank said:

    If your looking for 3 of the hottest clubs to party at in Vegas, definitely check out Rain, Moon, and Ghostbar. The atmosphere alone is enough to make it a night to remember. Check out N9NEGroup to look up events and tickets


  3. Scott said:

    Hi there

    I am also getting married on Halloween 2010 in Las Vegas a traditional vampire wedding! we are going to watch Bite at the Stratosphere. Cant wait....... see you there

  4. Tanya said:

    Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. I will be asking many more questions before the big day.

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