Are nightclub ‘passports’ worth the cost?

Hey, my boyfriend and I are heading to Vegas for a week in September and would like a couple of nights clubbing. I have seen on the Internet that you can buy nightclub "passports" or "passes" that let you queue-jump. Are these for real or will the bouncers laugh at us if we pitch up with them?


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You're talking about the passes sold that are touted to guarantee all sorts of benefits at nightclubs and bars, such as entrance to the VIP line (which is supposed to be shorter and move faster than that OTHER line filled with common riff-raff), discounts on bottle service, 2-for-1 drinkes, etc. They usually have names like "Vegas Passport" and such, and cost around 120 USD, give or take a few dollars.

To be honest, I've heard mixed things about the passes. A few clubby friend who bought them said they were worth the cost, as they got into the hotspots they wanted with no hassle. I take that with a grain of salt, though, as the people telling me the story were in Vegas on a Girls Weekend, and all the women in the group were attractive and there wasn't a guy in the bunch. With our with out a pass, good-looking unattached ladies never have a problem getting in where they want to go.

On the other hand, I've heard too many tales of people who bought the pass only to feel like it was money poorly spent. That they received no special treatment whatsoever. That the dude slathered with hair gel, fake tanning lotion and body spray who appeared to slip the doorman a 50 seemed to be treated with much more care.

I can't advise against buying these passports, because if the night is slow and the door staff in a good mood, you may very well be treated like the VIP they say you are. I would never purchase one myself, though.

It's a fairly low-risk purchase, though. $120 isn't exactly dirt-cheap, but chances are good you'll blow at least that much cash on something entirely frivolous at least once during your trip.

What I can recommend without hesitation are the Vegas shows. The two of you should make a point of catching at least one of those, as they are always worth the ticket price. Since you're going with your boyfriend, I think "Zumanity""Zumanity" may be the best option. It's about the sexiest on the Strip right now and a lot of fun for a couple to watch together.

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