Are nudie cards listing ‘specials’ legit?

A friend of mine has been to Vegas and brought me back some cards with photos of women on them advertising $49 "specials." My question is if I call one of these will I get in trouble, maybe with the cops?


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Could you get in trouble for calling one of the "escort" services that advertise on those cards? Well, if you make an offer of cash for sex, it's not likely you would get into trouble but it is theoretically possible. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. It's legal in Nevada, yes, but only under a certain set of rules. (More information here.) So if you hire a hooker through an escort service or by just picking one up off the street, you're breaking the law.

All that said, it's not particularly likely you'd be busted by the cops. The far bigger threat is of being ripped off by the escort. First of all, the woman pictured on the card is almost certainly not the person who would show up at your room. And they're probably not coming alone. They'll probably have a large "bodyguard" with them, to make sure nothing funny happens. And that $49 you spend won't get you laid, it'll just open the door to conversations about getting laid. If you want to dip your wick in some door-to-door talent it would likely cost several times that amount and the bodyguard will strongly suggest you pay the amount.

Always keep in mind Las Vegas revolves around three things: gambling, money and sex. All are related and nothing is free. I'd rather take my chances betting over my head at a craps table than hoping everything works out OK after a phone call to one of those agencies advertising on street cards.

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  1. steve said:

    The best was there was a dude from amsterdam in there for that as well. He was in disbelief. But at least he got pinched at a different casino so when he was released he got to go back his room that he had paid for.

  2. steve said:

    And watch out for undercover girls in the casinos especially if you happen to have a big win at one of the tables or slots. She will approach you and offer you some cheap favors and if you say yes and start walking back to your room thinking your going to get lucky twice thats when undercover casino cops grab you and tell you your under arrest for soliciting prostituation, write you up in the room, send you off to county jail and if this happens to happen at the very casino your staying at, they will gather your stuff and tell you you are kicked out with no refund when or if you get out of jail. True story. Happened to me first time I went. Whatever, I had to pay a 1200.00 bail and the lawyer costed 750 and the charges were dismissed. All in the name of fun.Oh yeah, they let me out thirty hours later and like I mentioned kicked me out of the resort, had to find another place to stay. GOOD TIMES!!!

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