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Las Vegas is a town flooded with coupon booklets, line passes and opportunities for discounts. You'll find booklets in a pouch on the back of the taxi seat, more than likely you'll be given one when you check into your hotel and there are any number available for purchase either before leaving on your trip or after arrival.

With all the booklets, passes and "nightclub passports" (a very fancy name for a line pass) available, the basic question is this: Are they worth it?

The answer: Maybe. Depending upon how much work you're willing to put into stretching every penny.

Coupon books and the like can definitely save a person a bit of money (not a giant amount, but noticeable) but at the cost of flexibility in your plans. You'd need to eat at certain places at certain times of day in order to take full advantage of the coupons, for example.

Some travelers have a great time planning their itinerary around discount offers. To them it's kind of a game to see just how much they can shave off of regular Vegas prices. Other visitors prefer to remain fully flexible in their schedule -- they want to eat whenever and wherever the mood strikes me, using the dining example, even if it means paying a little more.

The upside is that the books themselves aren't very expensive (or even free), so the risk in purchasing is low.

One thing that is almost always worth doing is to sign up for text-message special offers once you arrive. Almost every casino has these available now; you'll likely see multiple signs for them when checking in. The text messages only come for a certain number of days -- generally something like 9 offers spread over 3 days -- and sometimes the offers are pretty good. (Do keep in mind that if your phone carrier charges for incoming texts, you will be hit with those fees.)

Selected coupon books, line passes and other discount offers

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  1. Mary said:

    Visiting Tuscany suites In May for anniversary, any discounts available out there or unused coupon books for free?

  2. Jane cozy said:

    Four ladies from Saskatchewan,Canada will be in Las Vegas from Dec 15 to Dec 23 , 013 would it be possible to receive coupons prior to our arriving in Vagas?

  3. Steve the Texan said:

    That's not really what we do here at You may want to contact your hotel, or just wait until you arrive (they'll probably give you a small booklet of coupons when you check in).

  4. chris trevino said:

    Hi, my boyfriend and i are arriving in vegas next month and already have accomdation booked but am wondering if yall can send us any coupons.. thank you chris

  5. Steve the Texan said:

    Marion, I'm afraid you'll have to contact Harrahs directly to have coupons sent to you (or just wait until you arrive; hotels usually give guests a booklet of coupons then). A couple of quick suggestions for a romantic night: Take time to visit the nearby Venetian and take a gondola ride, splurge on a fantastic meal (I always like recommending Aureole in the Mandalay Bay) and/or a glitzy show (Absinthe is a new favorite).

  6. marion spratt said:


    myself and my fiancé are arriving in vegas on the 19th of november we are styaing in the harrish hotel im just wondering with it be ok if you could email me some coupons and some great restaurants to eat as it is a a romantic holiday for just the 2 of yous and also some great events that will be held

    many thanks
    marion :)

  7. Steve the Texan said:

    Here's information about current weather and some advice on what to pack:

    * Las Vegas weather

  8. roger snodin said:

    hi, we arrive on thurs from a very wet and windy england , whats the weather doing!! looking forward to our visit come rain or shine!!

  9. Steve the Texan said:

    A taxi is usually the quickest and least troublesome way of reaching your hotel from the airport. The Best Western Mardi Gras is fairly near the Wynn, so you can use our Taxi Fare Estimator to get a rough idea of the cost.

  10. karl varty said:

    I am staying just off the strip at the great western mardi gras should i get local transport from airport or taxi i travel on the 6th sep

  11. Leigh B said:

    Ummm...hello, guys....The American Casino Guide is one of the best sources of Vegas coupons in existence. Just pick one up for about 12-18 bucks at your local Barnes & Noble.

    Also, you can join Las Vegas Advisor and get their Pocketbook Of Values. Some great stuff in there, too.

  12. Steve the Texan said:

    We don't have coupons to send out, Lisa, but you'll have no problem finding a bunch of them as soon as you arrive in town. You'll probably find some in the airport, and you definitely will in the cab to your hotel.

  13. lisa rabbitte said:


    Myself and my boyfriend are arriving in las vegas in august. We already have accomdation booked in the mgm grand

    was just wondering can you email me any coupons

    kind regards

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