Bringing in the new year Vegas-style

Where are the fireworks shot from on New Year's Eve? What is the best location to be to see all fireworks?

Also, where can we spend an evening in a club that doesn't require us to do "bottle purchase" in order to reserve a table for a group of 15?

(Los Angeles)

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The best New Year's fireworks are dramatically shot from the Stratosphere tower and are easily viewable from anywhere on the Strip. Step outside at midnight and there's no problem locating them. The only problem, in fact, is in being able to step outside and claim a spot on the sidewalks. Las Vegas gets extremely crowded when it's time to ring in a new year. And when I say "extremely crowded" I mean "extremely crowded even by Las Vegas tourist standards." Just before midnight the Strip gets as squished as a Tokyo subway car.

If you'd like to get a better view without too much shoulder-to-shoulder rubbing, reserve a spot at one of the hotels with great viewing areas. My recommendations would be Mandalay Bay, Paris, the Stratosphere or the Wynn. And it would be wise to make reservations now, if it's not already too late. Those places book quickly for that time of year.

Finding a place to reserve for your large group will be a little tricky, especially if this is also planned for the turning of the calendar. Most the hot nightspots are going to require your group to go the VIP bottle service route for such a large group, but you may have better luck at some less-trendy lounges. Gold Diggers in the Golden Nugget would be worth consideration and would be the Downtown clubs (there aren't many) are likely to be more willing to make accommodations for your crowd. Again, the earlier you contact them, the better chance you have of reserving an area for your party.

If you really want to stay on the Strip, you're probably going to have to choose between paying extra for bottle service and enjoying the chance to dance and soak in the hip atmosphere, or settle for a more low-key evening at a casino's non-glitzy lounge instead of their pride-and-joy nightclub.

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  1. Steve the Texan said:

    The main part of Fremont Street is covered by the Fremont Street Experience canopy, so that's not a good place for watching the fireworks. If you walk to one particular intersection there's a decent view of the Stratosphere, so their show would be visible, but you'd literally be standing on a busy street corner.

    If seeing the fireworks is a priority for you, you'd be far better off on The Strip or at the Strat.

  2. Barb said:

    Can you see the fireworks from Fremont Street ?

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