Can I bet on football… er, ‘soccer’?

I will be heading to Vegas before long and Cheltenham Town FC will be playing I am there. Will I be able to bet on this in the sports book of the Bellagio or anywhere close by?

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Betting on an English League Two soccer (just accept that nobody is going to call it "football" in the States) team? That's kind of doubtful. Many major sports books offer bets on Premier League games, but once you get below that you're not likely to find action in Vegas.

So what to do if you decide to wager a few dollars on a Premier League game? The Bellagio sports book is a great place to start. Other good choices would be Caesars Palace and the Las Vegas Hilton. Start by taking a look at the giant tote boards to see if odds are listed, but don't be surprised if you don't find any there. That does not necessarily mean the sports book is not taking bets. There will be a lot of basketball games going on during your stay, and those lines may take up most of the available space on the board. If you don't see soccer listed, just ask one of the clerks if lines are available. They'll either point you to where handouts are available or print out lines for you.

Now that you've placed your bet you may want to watch the game... which you probably won't be able to find on any of the screens in the sports book. The Crown & Anchor pub -- about a $15 cab ride away from the Bellagio -- is the place to go for English soccer. Sorry, though, even they aren't likely to air League Two games.

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2 responses to “Can I bet on football… er, ‘soccer’?”

  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Many of the games will be televised on ESPN, which is available on almost all hotels' selection of television channels. Since most of the games begin in the morning or early-afternoon hours, they don't conflict with the main part of the daily baseball schedule, meaning it's a pretty safe bet that the sportsbooks at all of the major casinos will have World Cup games on at least some of their TVs.

    You also won't have any problems finding some of the games airing at bars throughout Vegas. A pub called the Crown & Anchor -- about a $20 cab ride from the Strip -- is likely to be the main gathering place for English fans, but games will be easy to find anywhere.

  2. richard pinfield said:

    hi,im going to vegas with some mates in june, when the world cups on,staying near the rio,will the world cup be on local tv channels and which hotels,bars etc will have it on,

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