‘Card thumpers’ and salespeople on the Strip

Can you advise us on how to handle people on the street trying to push coupons or lure visitors into timeshare-selling presentations and the like? Are there streets or areas where they are worse and we can avoid?


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The timeshare salespeople and survey takers aren't too bad. They usually congregate around a few areas nearby where they make the presentation or take the survey and tend not to be very pushy, so it's easy to just keep walking and say a quick "no thanks" or just give a fast little wave of the hand. Or simply give no reaction at all. The key is to keep moving and don't feel like you have to stop to hear what they have to say. That may be the most difficult thing of all for notoriously polite Canadians.

Of far greater annoyance are the card pushers. You'll walk past long rows of them, all thumping their cards -- usually an ad for an escort service -- and shoving them toward you, trying to get your attention. The best thing to do is to give them no response all. Don't look at them, don't glance at a card and under no circumstances take a card. They won't walk after you to try and force a card onto you, so once you've passed them you're free and clear, but I never fail to get a little riled up when I walk by. They're an annoyance and can even be something of an intimidating factor to new visitors. So just pretend they're not even there.

The card pushers usually line the areas of the Strip where the sidewalks narrow or pedestrians slow down to look at attractions -- I notice them most near the Bellagio and across the street from Caesars Palace -- but you may come across them just about anywhere on the Strip. They're not found as much Downtown, but that's always subject to change.

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  1. karl kapler said:

    will be there in september, been so many times, the card pushers dont bother me now, I say no thanks im gay, my wife just laughs,,,always stop at wild wild west really good

  2. Steve the Texan said:

    Jean, just a few general notes about the Excalibur: It's more of a family place than just about anywhere else on the Strip, so don't be surprised if there are kids around. The "Tournament of Kings" dinner show doesn't have the highest quality food in town, but it IS a spectacle and can be a lot of fun; worth going to. It's a long walk from the Excalibur to hotels on the north end of the Strip; you can catch the monorail across the street at the MGM Grand.

    Helicopter tours of the Strip provide a great view. I think you'll enjoy it.

  3. Jean said:

    My husband & l will be staying at the Excalibur Hotel 2/3/13 for 2 weeks..Anything we should know about the Excalibur... we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We are NASCAR fans and will be going to the race weekend...we have a full day Helicopter excursion and a flight thro' The Strosphere Beam booked...

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