Stay on good terms with the cops

Don't be a jerk!

Patience is an essential characteristics of the police who patrol Downtown on two wheels. Each day they have to deal with untold numbers of obnoxious college kids trying to play the Vegas Big Shot and drunken toothless street geezers, incoherent and deranged, and they can't possibly arrest them ALL. But the cops do have a limit, and you never know when one has about reached it.

So now matter how funny you think their bike shorts are or how clever you're convinced you are, don't give them any gruff. What you see as a little joking around, a cop in a bad mood having a bad day may see as harassment and decide to get you off the streets and into the pokey.

Travel rule No. 1 applies just as much in Las Vegas as anywhere in the world: There's no such thing as a good trip to a hospital or jail.

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