Unusual even by Vegas standards

Indoor skydiving

Step into this vertical wind tunnel wearing billowing, vaguely MC Hammer-ish clothes and you'll float on air for a little while. Can you do that back home in Iowa? Didn't think so.

It costs around $75 to enjoy the feeling of flight at Vegas Indoor Skydiving (located between the Wynn and the Riviera).

Risk befouling your shorts atop the Strat

On top of the Stratosphere there are three terrifying rides: the Big Shot, a bungee-type slingshot ride that shoots riders up more than 1,000 from the street; Insanity, a spinning arm that dangles riders over the edge of the tower; and X Scream, a teeter-totter kind of ride that goes for visceral simplicity -- it seems to just dump riders off the tower.

I've ridden each of these rides exactly once. I'm very glad I did, because they were absolute adrenaline rushes, but I also swore I'll never get back on any of them again. I'm not sure either my heart or my bowels are strong enough.

A ticket to all three rides runs about $28.

Go all Rambo

How often have you sat around your hotel room thinking, "Dang, I'd sure like to let loose with about 50 rounds from an Uzi on full auto"? Well, you're in luck. Just a few minutes cab ride from your hotel is the world-famous Gun Store (just tell the cabbie that's where you're going, they'll know right where it is). Here you can take your pick from guns you've probably only seen in the movies. Feel like trying an AK-47? They've got it. In a Tommy Gun kind of mood? It's there.

Just be aware that it's going to get expensive very quickly. It'll end up running about a buck a bullet, and it's easy to burn through $100 in a big hurry firing full auto. If you want to make your money last you can rent a handgun and squeeze off the rounds much more slowly, but how could you be satisfied doing that when there's a Squad Automatic Weapon hanging on the wall calling for you? The place gets crowded quickly. Your best bet to get dibs on the best weapons without a long wait is to arrive early.

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