Did I book a stay in a dump?

A few friends and I are going to Vegas next week and are staying at Circus Circus. Is it as big a dump as reviews are saying?


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I don't know that I'd go so far as to say Circus Circus is at all a "dump," but it's seen better days, not surprising since the place has been open since 1968. The rooms are fine, though, with the ones in the West Tower being a little better than the rest of the hotel. The real knocks on Circus Circus, as far as I'm concerned, are its location -- it's way the hell at the north end of the Strip -- and the fact that a lot of families stay there, meaning Circus Circus tends to be overrun with kids. (We are not fans of children in Las Vegas.)

So while Circus Circus isn't likely where I would have recommended you stay, you'll be fine. If this is your first trip you probably won't spend much time in your room other than to sleep, and the overhead acrobats at Circus Circus will entertain you for a little while. I imagine you'll end up spending much of your time at other casinos, where the surroundings are a little spiffier and the crowd is a little livelier (I'm sure a group of Irish lads will be all in favor of lively crowds). Start by heading across the street to the Sahara, it's not an expensive casino but the crowd leans younger than Circus Circus (and is far less child-encumbered) and there's usually a nice party vibe.

From the Sahara you can take the monorail to locations in the mid and south Strip, like Harrahs, The Quad, Flamingo, Caesars Palace, Ballys, Paris and the MGM Grand.(NOTE: The Sahara has closed since this post was originally written, but the monorail still has a stop at that location.) Tickets for the monorail are $5 for a single ride, $12 for a 1-day pass or $28 for a 3-day pass. If you want to purchase them in advance you can get them on the monorail website.

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