Craps lesson 8: Working a come bet

In the previous lesson we ended up with 5 as the point, 6 coming and odds on both. Now there are three numbers that matter to you, instead of only two. In this situation those numbers are 5, 6 (winners) and 7 (loser).

With dice back in the shooter's hand, there are now four things than can happen to you on the next roll. Two of them are good, one is bad and one is neutral. This is what could happen on the next roll:

  • The shooter repeats the point - Win

    A 5 is rolled. You are paid on your pass line bet and the odds you had backing it. The puck is flipped to "Off" and the dice are given to the same shooter for another come-out roll. This means you need to place another bet on the pass line. The bet you have coming -- the 6 in this example -- remains where it is, but the odds bet does NOT count on the come-out roll. (You can't lose the odds, but you can't win, either.)

  • The shooter repeats your Come - Win

    A 6 is rolled. You are paid on your Come and on the odds you had taken on it. If you had $5 on the 6 coming, and taken $10 odds on it, there would be a total of $32 returned to you -- the $5 Come bet, the $10 odds bet, a $5 Come payoff and a $12 Come payoff.

  • The shooter rolls some other number, but not a 7 - Nothing happens

    You don't win, you don't lose. The dice are given back to the shooter and the process starts over.

  • The shooter rolls a 7 - Lose

    This is the bad thing. If the shooter craps out with a 7, you lose all the bets you have on the table. That cruel dealer scrapes all your chips away, and the dice are passed to a brand-new shooter for a brand-new come-out roll.

You can see from this how a Come bet is the very same thing as a pass line bet, just starting in the middle of a roll instead of the beginning.

There are many more bets possible -- including an entire method of betting where you hope FOR a 7, not against it -- but those are more advanced. If you learn the basics covered in our lessons you'll know far more about craps that most.

All you need to know now is how things work at a crowded dice table and you'll be ready to give the casino's most exciting game a try.

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