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I am coming to Vegas in September for a week with a bunch of my girlfriends, and a few of us are items. Where can we find the best, most-lively gay bars on the Strip. We are staying at Circus Circus and the Mirage. We're looking for a few good nights out on the gay scene as well as the straight and narrow. What do you recommend?

Leigh Maguire
(Liverpool, England)

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While most of the hip clubs draw at least something of a mixed crowd, there's only one place on the Strip that's an out-and-out gay club, and that's the ultra-disco Krave, located next to Planet Hollywood toward the south end of the Strip.

While Krave is the main gay presence on the Strip, it's not the only gay game in town. An area of Paradise Road not far from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is affectionately known as "the Fruit Loop" and is home to a bevy of popular bars and clubs. Piranha is one of the most "It" spots of the moment.

The Fruit Loop isn't within walking distance of the strip, but a cab ride wouldn't be terribly expensive and the drive isn't a long one.

If you want to stay on the Strip and venture to nightlife hotspots other than Krave, it's not likely that a little healthy girl-on-girl affection will draw any unfriendly responses. In fact, overenthusiastic attention from bodyspray-and-armband-tattoo boys is probably more likely than anything. Even then, these nightclubs place a high priority on safety and comfort of patrons, so even the most devoted Maxim-reader will be kept in check.

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3 responses to “Gay on the Strip”

  1. Mark said:

    My partner and I are also traveling to Vegas in September for a tradeshow that he is attending. Is Krave hard to get in? Is it mostly locals or is it a good mix? We will be staying at the Bellagio. Does anyone know of any other good spots to hit I like the spa's so any information would be great.


  2. Jennifer said:

    Hey Leigh,

    My parnter and I have been to Vegas regularly. Krave is crazy great, but as the response says, most of the clubs on the strip are very orientation friendly. We have never had a problem anywhere we have gone. We went to the Fruitloop a couple of times. A variety of clubs, but nothing as elaborate as Krave. We are used to the more smallish clubs and wanted more of a "Vegas" experience so Krave really was it. I would highly recommend taking a cab directly to the club you want to go to in the Fruitloop, as the street life is a bit sketchy. The strip is where the action is at and they take great strides to make it safe.

    Have a great time with the girls!!!!

    Ontario, Canada

  3. Lee said:

    Hi there, we are 2 gay men from south wales travelling to Vegas 7th september for 10 nights-aint been before!
    We are in the same boat!
    we are staying in treasure island.
    have a great time, may see ya out there.

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