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Sometimes ordering a limo from the airport can be less expensive than getting individual cabs and more fun than piling into a shuttle with a bunch of elderly pants-wetters. If you followed our advice then you've arranged for all of your friends to land at the Las Vegas airport at roughly the same time. (Example: I live in San Diego. Steve lives in Austin Texas. Nathan lives in Dallas. We coordinate so that we land in Vegas at about 1pm local time.) Hunt around the web for inexpensive limo deals. You can get a smooth ride, a free bottle of champagne, and a kickoff spirit by reserving a cheap limo a couple weeks in advance. Often it'll be about the same price as a taxi, and definitely cheaper than each of you getting taxis to the same hotel.

Taxis can be a bitch from Las Vegas airport. Depending on the day you arrive --and the time of year-- waiting outside in the line to get a taxi can be grinding and arduous. You can spend a good hour in line to get a 15-minute cab ride. That's just how it is at the LV airport on weekends or holidays. Arrange for shuttle or limo pickup on special occasions; New Year's Eve or the Superbowl, forget about cabs.

Shuttles from the airport are cheaper because they make more stops. You can save money on taxi fare by sharing a shuttle with a bunch of waiting folks, but half might be going to The Strip and half might be going Downtown. You'll probably spend twice as much time on a shuttle as in a cab or limo, but if you want to cut $15 off your entire weekend budget, you can do that with a shuttle. If you think you can skip two drinks at a bar that weekend and make up the difference, get a cab or limo and get settled into your hotel quick. Remember you're going to spend some time in a check-in line at the hotel and a few minutes setting up in your room. If you want to cut that down, get a cab, if you want to really cut that down, spend some time this week while you're supposed to be working and look for cheap limos.


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