Have realistic expectations regarding dining prices

The days of $2.99 steaks and almost-free buffets are over. As you walk around, keep your eyes open for bargains but you're probably going to pay at least $8 or $9 for a buffet, minimum. Double that at fancy places on the Strip. Cheap cuts of steak are going to run in the neighborhood of $12-$20.

If you're absolutely set on enjoying tasty fare at dirt cheap rates, head to the Golden Gate Downtown and get some shrimp cocktails from the snack bar at the back. These cost $1.99 and are famously delicious.

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  1. paula said:

    I am going to Vegas soon and am feeling very anxious. I have a very severe nut allergy and am wondering if anyone out there can share their experiences with regards to this. Any good suggestions about restaurants that are really on top of this situation.

  2. CDF said:

    True, $3.95 prime ribs are gone but, there is a very good one @ Bill's for, I believe about
    $6.95. Sam's town buffet is an excellent value if u can get there. Verand Cafe @ 4 Queens has many good deals w/player's card. Most of your better values are downtown because of lower overhead than strip hotels. Binion's, California, and Main St. Station also cater to any budget. You do not need to be in a posh environment to enjoy good food. Most of it is in peoples's minds rather than reality. Your best values are off the strip because the strip is just a tourist trap just like other vacation venues. You pay for location. Take the time to ask casino personell where best values are because they live there and KNOW!

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