How can I see lots and lots of shows?

We will be checking out Vegas for the first time in December. We will be there five days (arriving Dec. 21, leaving Dec 26) and would like to see many shows. I know what shows I want to see, the question is, is it possable to see multiple shows -- say two shows per day. Could this be worked out?

(New Mexico)

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Cheri, you're really looking to pack a lot of entertainment into your stay. That's the kind of Vegas trip I like. If you plan carefully it is possible to catch two shows on some days of your trip, but unfortunately not everyone on the list you sent (I didn't post it all here) is performing during the days you'll be in town. So I put together another list that includes some of the names you mentioned wanting to see and some others that are in the same vein and are definitely worth catching.

The links below contain discounts or upgrades whenever possible. (NOTE: The specific list of shows originally recommended has been removed as it is now out of date. For current listing, see our searchable show calendar.)

If you intend to try and see more than one on any day allow at least four hours -- maybe even five, if you want to be extra sure there will be no problems -- between performances. Figure the shows run about two hours long (usually not quite that long, but better to estimate on the high side) and you'll need to allow some cushion time for traffic, long walking distances, etc. Keep in mind that the Rio is a cab ride away from the Strip, so allow extra time before and after the show if you decide to catch Penn & Teller's act.

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  1. Brian said:

    They all give free drinks if you are betnitg. Hilton is great.If you have access to a car. Take a ride south on LV Blvd. to the new M Resort.IT really is a nice place and has one of the most interesting books in Las VEgas. It is just over a year old, but this place is faboulos. They also have in game betnitg, so you get a little pda and can make and change bets duinrg the action. Very interesting concept.Enjoy the visit.

  2. Steve the Texan said:

    The weather should be great for your late April visit, Shiela. Keep an eye on the short-term forecast in the days before you leave (found here) but it's likely the days will be warm, but not hot, and the nights pleasantly mild. April and May may be the two best months, as far as Las Vegas weather goes.

    Some recommendations on shows and other activities can be found here and here. Also, keep an eye on our Bargains page for any discounts and/or upgrades currently available on shows, tours and other attractions.

  3. shiela said:

    going with hubby to luxor 25th april for 5 nights. what will weather be like and any suggestions as to what to do.

  4. Steve the Texan said:

    The major shows -- the Cirque du Soleil production, the Blue Man Group, Penn & Teller, etc. -- don't change that often, Kevin. The big-time shows that are playing now are very likely to be around in September.

    By the way, we've just added a searchable show calendar. Give it a try here:


  5. kevin said:

    i want to know about shows starting 9 september 2010

  6. Steve the Texan said:

    The Lion King is running during your stay, Thomas. It's at the Mandalay Bay. A seating upgrade is available through the end of February (link below).

    In my opinion the current best shows are Le Reve, Ka and O. A brand-new one, Viva ELVIS, also sounds great, but I haven't been able to see it yet.

    Lion King upgrade
    Viva ELVIS
    Le Reve
    Ka, O and other shows

  7. THOMAS WADE NC.. said:


  8. Steve the Texan said:

    Sandy, the best advice I can give about taking the bus from the airport is not to do it. The little money it saves is more than made up for with a frustratingly long ride. If you're looking for a budget ride, catch a Strip shuttle van (or a Downtown shuttle, if that's where you stay). They cost very little and are a lot easier to deal with than public transportation. Or just take a taxi (estimate your fare here).

    Prime rib dining deals can still be found in Vegas, the recession hasn't killed that off. If you're Downtown check out the Four Queens. On the Strip pay attention to Circus Circus and the Tropicana. Just keep your eyes open in general and you'll see several ads for prime rib meals at good prices.

    San Diego would make for a great side trip -- I love that city -- but even it won't be warm enough for a swimsuit in late February/early March. Southwest Airlines files there several times a day from Las Vegas, but the best-priced tickets for that short flight sell quickly. The sooner you make your purchase, the better shot you have at getting a bargain.

  9. Sandy said:

    I forgot to ask. when we were there we had Prime rib so many times b/c it was so cheap. Is there anywhere like that now. Dumb hey, we have the best beef ------I think!

  10. Sandy said:

    We are going to Vegas on Feb.23-Mar.06. we want to see as much as we can and and of coarse for the cheaper price. We will go to Fremont b/c we have only been there once b4 we were so excited about that experience.
    If we take a bus to the Flamingo from the airport, and buy round tickets, they will honor that for how long??
    We want to go to San Diego to my sisters and we are thinking that Southwest Air Line is our best bet.. we are in Canada and just want to get away. However, it is beautiful here, but cold. Should we pack bathing suits. Thanks and Aloha

  11. SteveD said:

    Excellent site. A few friends and I will be there 7-12th April. Is there a site with all shows during that time?

  12. Steve the Texan said:

    Betty, the Cancun Resort is a few miles off the Strip -- definitely a cab ride away. Taxi fare to the Strip will run about $15-$25, depending on where you go. To get to Downtown will also cost about $25 or slightly more.

    Listed below are links to a few Grand Canyon tours. All are great ways to enjoy that extremely impressive feature.

    The current show I'm most intrigued with is Cirque du Soleil's "Viva Elvis," held at the brand-new Aria. I've not seen it yet, but I'm a big fan of almost all CdS productions and an even bigger fan of Elvis music.

    Other than that, my current favorite shows are Ka, O and Le Reve. With all the great restaurants in Las Vegas, you'll have to narrow down what you're looking for in that area.

    Grand Canyon tours:

  13. betty said:

    first time vegas feb 28-march 7/10 booked for cancun resort is getting downtown be costly best shows to go to best restaurants grand canyon tours thanks for any help

  14. Steve the Texan said:

    Mike, I believe you're talking about the Tix4Tonight same-day outlet. It's still around. If you want to see a show, and aren't too picky about which one or the type of act, it's a good option.

  15. mike said:

    i remember the coca cola bottle on my last visit is it still going stong for shows at good prices??

  16. Tina said:

    Iam going to Vegas 26th September with my partner just wondering how i would find out what shows are on and were best to go
    Thank you

  17. Alina said:

    Right now the Venetian is offering Phantom of the Opera tickets from $49. Promo code MEZZ49, MEZZ62 (I chose this one and got the balcony seats) and SELECT40 offers you $40 off the golden circle seating area.

    Also, code SMARTER40 gives you up to 40% off Blue Man group.

  18. Steve the Texan said:

    Not a whole lot, really. He'll likely enjoy seeing the bright lights of The Strip, but Vegas just doesn't cater to visitors under 21. It's very much an adult's town.

    There is one show on the Strip that is very kid-friendly and that your son might enjoy: The Comedy Pet Theater held at Planet Hollywood. That something you may want to consider for the whole family.

  19. Shery said:

    We are going with our 9 year old son for X mas. What is there for kids his age ?

  20. mimi said:

    yes.. weather is very cold..and yes mr texan..sometimes bitterly cold. i went last year the day after christmas and it was about fourty every night. bring coats scarves, and gloves!!just in case

  21. Steve the Texan said:

    Weather around Christmas is usually a little chilly, but not bitterly cold. You'll definitely want to bring the long sleeves and at least a mid-weight coat. Keep an eye on the forecast in the days leading up to your trip for a better outlook:

    A lot of visitors do make a special point to take an outing to the outlet malls. Here's some information that has more details:

  22. Geraldine Smith said:

    My Husband & I are going to Las Vegas over the Xmas period, and I am wanting aday shoping!!!, I have been told to try outlets instead of Shopping Malls, is this a good idea. Also what kind of temperature is the weather, will I need long sleeved garments.

  23. DONNA said:

    Flying out to Vegas on the 6th December from Ireland for the 1st time just wanting to know do you advise booking shows before we go or just wait and take our chance when we arrive.Also we want to do the trip to the Grand Canyon and there is 8 in our party will we be able to travel together.

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