How should I dress for shows?

What is the dress code when catching shows? I'm watching Ka and Phantom of the Opera for sure, and possibly catching O, Penn & Teller, and Jubilee.

Alina N.
(Vancouver, Canada)

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In Las Vegas just about anything goes. You'll see folks in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals, and ladies dressed to the nines. It's really all about the experience you want to create for yourself. I'm guessing that, judging by the amount of shows you're planning to see, you're more about going out on the town than the gambling. So, if you've got the outfits, go ahead and go glam. You won't be out of place. Of the shows you mentioned, it seems that the crowds tend to be dressed up a little more at Ka and Phantom of the Opera, with more of a casual atmosphere at Penn & Teller and Jubilee.

Whatever your choices, if you're more about comfort you'll be well within appropriateness heading out in jeans. However, my preference is to at least dress up the jeans a bit -- save the runners for daytime walking about rather than a night out. If your feet get tired, there are cabs aplenty and the fares won't run much at all.

On a related tip, you may want to take a look at a question from a few months ago. Another reader wanted to know what the dress is like inside casinos.

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  1. Steve the Texan said:

    For a Christmas Eve wedding you can't go wrong by dressing up a bit. Nobody has to go full-blown white-tie formal, but they won't go wrong dressing around the level of a jacket and tie for men. Nobody will be overdressed and they'll fit in everywhere.

    For the rest of the trip just wear what is comfortable for the weather -- Las Vegas can get chilly in late December. Here are links to a couple of sections of the site that may be helpful:

    * Las Vegas weather / What to pack
    * "How should I dress at... ?"

  2. Nia said:

    I'm travelling from the UK and getting Married on Christmas eve, the family are worrying about what clothes to pack for that time of year to 'fit in' xx

  3. Steve the Texan said:

    Mid-September is still a very hot time of year. Listed below is a link that may be helpful.

    When it comes to daytrips outside Vegas I usually prefer booking a tour, but I don't particularly enjoying driving long distances myself when I have the option of leaving it to others. Also listed below is a link to a tour-related question in which you may be interested.

    * Las Vegas weather / What to pack
    * Visiting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

  4. john said:

    My wife and I are going on the 18th Sept how hot is daytime temps also evening.Would you recommend a booked trip or rented vehicle to death valley.Thanks John

  5. Steve the Texan said:

    Jeannie, hotel buffet specials are usually a part of special deals that must be made at the time of the reservation. If you have already booked your room you may have to either cancel and re-book (not advisable if you got a really good deal on rates the first time) or contact the hotel directly and see if you can sweet talk them into adding the buffet deal to your reservation.

    The complimentary lunch buffet special is very nice, but don't fixate on it too much. It's a bargain, but not such a huge savings as to be worth re-working plans on a big scale.

  6. jeannie said:

    how do I get free buffet in monte carlo when staying there do I just quote promo code at check in

  7. Steve the Texan said:

    Karen, if there's a specific tour or event you know you want to do, then I usually think it's a good idea to get tickets in advance. More reasoning on that and more information are found in this article.

  8. Karen Lindsay said:

    We are interested in booking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Is it best to book in advance or are we likely to pick up some good deals for 4 when we arrive ?

  9. shaz said:

    we will be coming to vegas october 2011, could you please tell me when headliner artists will be advertised for this month so we can make plans

  10. Steve the Texan said:

    There really is no "average" price, Bernard, because there are so many different type of helicopter outings. Some land, some don't, some include other attractions, etc. A decent starting point for estimation, though, would be to figure a basic helicopter tour will begin somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-$400.

    Keep an eye on our bargains page for any specials and/or upgrades that we come across.

  11. Bernard Bowtell said:

    Whats the average price for a helicopter ride from vegas to grand canyon

  12. Steve the Texan said:

    Rose, our position is that the Las Vegas Strip at night is very much an adult's place. There are a lot of things going on there that you may feel are inappropriate for a 5-year-old or 13-year-old kid. Not only that, but they're not likely to exactly be openly welcomed by the grown-ups who are out enjoying the adult playground. So take that as our official warning.

    My first recommendation would be to instead look for something during the day the three of you could enjoy together. The lion habitat at the MGM Grand, the shark reef at Mandalay Bay and Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater would be particularly worth considering.

    If insist on a nighttime outing, though, check out Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere" at Treasure Island. The show is a lot of fun to see and has no age restrictions.

  13. Rose Reilly said:

    how can i entertain my grandkids age 5 and 13, on an evening, without costing too much?

  14. Rose Reilly said:

    Are there shows or entertainment,i can take my grandchildren to on an evening? age 5 and 13?, I have heard you cannot take them anywhere where alcohol is served,

  15. Karina Bright and Shiny said:

    July weather in Las Vegas is HOT. Very, very hot. So pack your lightest, most breathable items. There's a good chance you'll want to spend many of the daytime hours at the pool, so invest in a couple of nice swimsuits. (Hotel pools are the big daytime hotspots where the oiled, muscled and beautiful spend their time detoxing.) More detailed weather information is available on our Weather page.

    As far as do or see, it more depends on your goals. Walking the Strip is a popular and inexpensive thing to do. And when I write popular, I mean the sidewalks are jam-packed with tourists sightseeing, taking pictures and blocking pedestrian and auto traffic. Probably the most popular stop on the Strip for sightseeing is the Bellagio, where a very impressive fountain show is timed to music. I also usually advise making sure to catch at least one show. Anything from Cirque du Soleil is almost always great, and I really like the bizarro grooves at the Blue Man Group. Keep an eye on our Bargains page for any specials and/or upgrades that may be currently available.

  16. Holly said:

    What is the weather like in the middle of July? We are only going to be there for 2 days and I never have been there. What are some things that we have to do or see?

  17. Steve the Texan said:

    I don't advise taking the city bus to and from the aiprort. That's not meant as a knock on the Las Vegas public transport system, it's just that the bus rides are painfully slow and a real pain in the ass when you have to deal with luggage and all. You can quickly catch a taxi at the airport and reach your hotel much sooner. Estimated fare to Downtown hotels is about $40 or so.

    See our Fare Estimator tool to check on other routes and alternate methods of shuttle back and forth from the airport.

  18. Carla said:

    Is there a local bus that runs from the airport to Fremont Street? By taxi approx what is the cost?

  19. Moni said:

    How to get from airport the Golden Nugget? How much by cab?

  20. Steve the Texan said:

    This page may be helpful:

  21. Rae said:

    we are coming towards the end of March just wondering how hot the weather typically is at that time of year so have some idea how to pack for it!

  22. Steve the Texan said:

    The shows I like most right now are (in no particular order) Ka, O, Le Reve and Viva Elvis. The Price is Right Live and Hitzville are fun options for low cost.

    And the truth is, Betty, that no casino pays out very much. You'll see lots of places advertising great rates on slot payout, but that figure is based on all money taken in as compared to paid out in the long term. Realistically you can expect to lose money when you play, you just want to lose it slowly and keep it in a range you can afford. Take a look at the FTLV gambling section for details and basic "how-to."

  23. betty said:

    what shows best for money feb28-march7 2010 what casinos pay out the most

  24. Steve the Texan said:

    Most airport shuttles are wheelchair acessible, but it's a good idea to call in advance to confirm one will be available when you arrive. Gray Line (702-739-5700) and Bell Trans (702-385-5466) are two of the major shuttle services.

  25. Harry Mann said:

    Who does disabled (wheelchair) transfers from airport to Luxor?

  26. Steve the Texan said:

    Cab fare from the airport to the Luxor will run somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 bucks, give or take a little bit. Just tell the cabbie where you're staying; they know exactly where to drop off guests. They travel to and from Strip hotels a LOT.

  27. bernadine loudon said:

    How much will we pay for a taxi from the airport to the luxor. Will we ask to get let off at the front of the hotel or the back.

  28. latarie said:

    I'd also want to find out who or should I say what celebrities will be in town the third week of Feb.

  29. latarie said:

    I willbe flying in on feb.17th how should i pack, I mean i live in tx, San Antonio. How is the weather at that time of year. I'm really excited however, I want to comfortable day and night.

  30. Margaret Bauslaugh said:

    What shows and performers are on during the time of
    August 1 to Aug. 7, 2010?
    Which Hotel is best to stay at during this time?

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