How should I dress for the clubs?

I'm heading to Vegas with some friends and we're going to LAX our first night and I'm not sure how strict the dress code is. What do I wear? A sexy dress? A sexy shirt and pants? What's best? What do most girls wear?


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All of the ultra-lounges like LAX have both an official dress code (with the usual rules you can probably guess: no sneakers, no flip-flops, no baseball caps, etc.) and, when they get crowded, an unofficial dress code. These are very popular places, so the door staff is often picky about who they let in. For your best chance -- and to make sure you fit in once inside -- turn up the glam.

The girls at those places are dressed TO KILL. Lots of cleavage. Lots of tanned skin showing. Lots of f-me heels. They're truly meat markets in a way that probably wouldn't be so damned much fun if it weren't in the surreal Las Vegas atmosphere. So vamp it up. Dress like you're a C-list starlet hoping to be photographed. You can't go wrong with a sexy dress and stunning heels.

You asked specifically about girls, but guys also wonder about these sort of things. Dudes have the best chance of getting in and fitting in at the most popular joints if they dress up a bit. Something a notch higher on the style scale than jeans and a casual shirt. Start the wardrobe planning with slacks, dressy-ish shoes and whatever kind of shirts are being featured in GQ these days.

7 responses to “How should I dress for the clubs?”

  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Here's an article that may be helpful:
    * What is the dress like in casinos?

  2. ALAN said:

    aying at the Belagio, What is the dress code for gents

  3. Julie said:

    WHOOO!! VEGAS Sept. 20-24th...EVERYBODY PARTY!!!

  4. stephen downey ireland said:

    we are 3 single males in our 30s going to vegas 26th december to 1st jan where is best place to meet single females ??

  5. lauren said:

    whats the best hip hop club in vegas for the younger ages twenties

  6. Steve the Texan said:

    That's a tough one, Lana. The restaurant atop the Strat is a nice place, so it's best to stay away from jeans and tennis shoes. On the other hand, you don't want to wear something with loose pockets and such, because the rides jostle around. Maybe shoot for somewhere in the neighborhood of upscale casual and strike a happy medium between style and function.

  7. Lana said:

    We have booked dinner in the tower restaurant of the stratosphere, but also want to go on the rides at the top - what should we wear?

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