Las Vegas at night

In the pages within this section you'll find specific information about what Las Vegas is like after the sun goes down, but here are a few general-purpose tips always worth bearing in mind:

Things get more expensive at night

For gamblers, table miniumums usually increase. Buffets and restaurants charge more for dinner than for lunch. Cover charges kick in at clubs, and rarely are those cheap.

It can get chilly, even if the day was warm

Don't forget that Las Vegas in the middle of a desert and doesn't hold heat well at all once the sun goes down. If you're the chilly sort it might be a good idea to have something with long sleeves that you can add as a top layer.

It will take longer to get from one place to another than you figure

There is always traffic on the Strip -- both auto traffic on the street and foot traffic on the sidewalks -- but it gets worse at night. If it took you 15 minutes in the day to walk from Point A to Point B, be safe and estimate 30 minutes for that same journey at night. Not only are there more people on the sidewalks, but the dreaded Vegas Slow Walkers are out in force.

Things are tougher for single dudes

It's a fact of life in Vegas that crowds of single guys get no special treatment at all. You'll pay higher fees at pool parties and nightclubs, and if there's a line, you're waiting in it. Groups of women can skip lines at clubs by being friendly, showing a little skin and flirting with the doorman. Guys, if you want to try and skip a line you're going to have to tip the guy. And tip pretty big.

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