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For a long time there wasn't much of a gay scene in the main tourist areas of Las Vegas. That's not to say the city isn't gay friendly, it's just never drawn much of a distinction at all between all shades of sexuality. The city is evolving, though, and lately has been making a specific effort to make sure the LGBT community knows it is more than welcomed. Beyond the Cher, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Elton John shows, I mean.

The Luxor has led the way for a more diverse Strip, with its "Temptation Sundays" pool parties. Vdara has also gotten in on the pool party act, teaming with West Hollywood favorite bar The Abbey and hosting Abbey Beach parties on Sundays in 2010. (No word yet on whether or not the party will return in 2013, but there's a good chance.) These events welcome all, but are especially meant for LGBT visitors.

While most of the hip nightclubs draw at least something of a mixed crowd, there's only one place on the Strip that's an out-and-out gay club, and that's the ultra-disco Krave, located next to Planet Hollywood toward the south end of the Strip. [NOTE: The Strip location of Krave has closed, but will re-open in Spring 2013 in a larger venue located in Downtown Las Vegas.] Other good options for specific nights include "The Closet" on Sunday nights at the Revolution Lounge in the Mirage and "Heaven," an outdoor pool dance party also on Sunday nights and also at the Mirage.

While Krave remains the main gay presence on the Strip, it's not the only gay game in town. An area of Paradise Road not far from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is affectionately known as "the Fruit Loop" and is home to a bevy of popular bars and clubs. Piranha is one of the most "It" spots of the moment.

The Fruit Loop isn't within walking distance of the strip, but a cab ride wouldn't be terribly expensive and the drive isn't a long one.

For couples looking to tie the knot, almost all wedding chapels offer commitment ceremonies that run the gamut from understated and graceful to loud and Elvis-ey. Waking up hungover with all your money gone, a pawn-shop ring on your finger and a strange person snoring next to you isn't just for straight people anymore.

For many more details about LGBT travel to Las Vegas, the website Fabugo is highly recommended.

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  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Same-sex marriage is currently not legally recognized in Nevada, but just about every wedding chapel offers commitment ceremonies to partners of whatever gender combination they may be.

  2. Star Boldin said:

    Do you have same sex weddings?

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