Is the Rio seafood buffet worth the price?

We are thinking about going to Rio's seafood buffet while in Las Vegas. I don't mind the expense, but is it really good? We love seafood and just want to make sure it's great. Also, do they have good side dishes and salads?

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(Montgomery, Ala.)

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First off, it's worth mentioning one thing to always keep in mind when talking about any buffet: Remember that it's just that, a buffet. There is inherently at least a small trade-off made of quality for variety. No matter how good the food served at the buffet is, it's still going to be a notch down from a top-quality restaurant where each meal is custom prepared.

Now, having said that, back to your question of "Is the seafood buffet at the Rio really good?" The answer: Yes. Yes, it is. It's very, very good. For serious seafood lovers it's absolutely worth the cost (currently up around $40) and the effort of taking a taxi from the Strip to the Rio. (You can use our Taxi Fare Estimator to get an idea of how much that cab ride will cost.)

The Village Seafood Buffet is a real point of pride, and a major drawing attraction, for the Rio. The spread is huge, as is the variety. They do have plenty of non-seafood sides -- and a really great dessert section -- but the whole experience is really all about seafood. A person who doesn't care much for crab or shrimp or fish would probably do best to dine elsewhere.

A couple of notes about the buffet: Lobster is usually served only at dinner, so visit in the evening if you want to enjoy that dish. Also, the line often gets pretty long (although it moves reasonably quickly), so don't expect to get in and out in a short time.

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9 responses to “Is the Rio seafood buffet worth the price?”

  1. Russ said:

    We just went there for the seafood buffet. We're repeat customers and were disappointed. It was over priced for the selection. It's no longer all u can eat on the lobster. We will never go back!

  2. sheri said:

    My family always enjoyed the Rio's Masquerade Village all seafood that was the place to go for years, never disappointed, however the recent change to close the masquerade village and combine the two was a horrible idea and is reflected on what is now served,My family will not go back very dissatisfied a waste of money, bad move rio what were you thinking maybe if the quality, and the same dishes were offered it would have worked.

  3. Lauren said:

    I livr here now but when I visited before I moved here we went to the Rio and were SORELY disappointed! We've eateb on the docks in Boston and have seen what really great seafood is. But Red Lobster is MUCH better than the Rio. And MUCH cheaper. Do yourself a favor and pass.

  4. Jeff said:

    Years ago it used to be good. Last time I was there it was absolutely terrible. Most of the seafood was captain highliners deep fried assortments. No desserts and 1 type of ice cream. Save your money and choose another place. You'll be happy you did.

  5. Jennifer said:

    We ate at the Rio Seafood buffet. It was $45 per person. I love seafood, but I'm not very big into buffets. Our group of six said it was ok. I would rather spend $45 on a plate of freshly cooked seafood. The crab legs were overcooked, and the lobster wasn't what I was expecting. It was little tails, delicious, but not what I was expecting. Dessert buffet was great. If you really like buffets, then you should try it, but I wasn't impressed.

  6. BTWOLFe said:

    I wasn't impresed with the Rio seafood buffet! Overpriced, and definitely not worth it. I had heard so much about it, so I tried it and was disappointed. I was expecint a lot more.

  7. Mike said:

    I can only agree.If you like sea food the Rio is a must.I have been going to Vegas for the past 20 years and we always go there at least once.
    Quality and selection are great. You won't be able to eat that kind of sea food anywhere else for that price.

  8. Steve the Texan said:


    The Rio does run a shuttle service back and forth to sister properties Harrahs and Ballys on the Strip. You are correct.

  9. Lisa said:

    Is there not a free shuttle from Harrah's and Bally's over to Rio and back? I remember taking one the last time we went as we took a taxi to Rio and then took the shuttle back to the strip.

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