Show tickets: Buy in advance or wait?

Should I make reservations for shows and tours ahead of time, or is it easy to get tickets once we are in Las Vegas?

Barb Cunningham

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If there's a particular show you know you want to see, especially if it's a popular show -- a Cirque du Soleil production, for example, or a short-run act like Cher or Garth Brooks -- it's always a good idea to purchase tickets in advance. If you wait until arrival there's the possibility of finding a discount, but you have to go to set aside time during the day to hunt down a ticket kiosk and then hope they're offering what you want. In my experience, the typical discount isn't large enough to offset the very real chance of missing a show you really want to see.

On the other hand, if you just want to see A show and aren't picky about what it is, then same-day tickets sales can be a good option, just be aware that the selection pretty much comes down to luck. Sometimes you can score nice discounts for big-name shows, but often what's available are just passes to mid- to lower-level acts -- think comedy hypnotists and second-rate musical imitators. Even those shows can be a good time, though.

If you decide to try the same-day sales route, look for one of the Tix4Tonight kiosks and arrive early. Your best chance is to show up at 10am.

Keep an eye on our Show Calendar and Bargains pages for recommendations and any discounts or upgrades that may be currently available.

As for tours, there won't be any big difference in price whether you book in advance or wait until you're in Vegas. I almost always recommend purchasing in advance, though, because some trips -- Grand Canyon outings, especially -- will take up most of your day. By booking in advance you'll be able to plan the rest of your trip accordingly, since you know when you'll be gone.

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7 responses to “Show tickets: Buy in advance or wait?”

  1. Mike From Novi said:

    Tix4Tonight is only good if you buy the "higher" priced option. One time we had front row seats from them--at the back of the house! Sometimes the box office is better. M Life offers discounts for slot card holders. Tip: Most box offices sell other the shows at their "sister" hotels. It saves running around.

  2. robert said:

    if you are a single traveler i say get your tickets b4 you go i found it hard to buy one ticket but if i wanted two i could get them

  3. james said:

    Hi, my wife and i are going to vegas for the first time in september , any idea on prices ie beer,wine and average cost of a meal , heard it was expensive

  4. Steve the Texan said:

    I'm afraid there truly is no accurate answer to the question of "how much money do I need?" without knowing what you want to do. Expenses in Las Vegas are entirely dependent upon how frugal or extravagent you wish to make your trip.

  5. How many dollars said:

    We are spending 7 nights in Harrahs hotel and have booked our trips on line, we have breakfast included at the hotel. I know its hard but roughly how many dollars roughly do we need, has anyone any idea. Thanks

  6. Robert said:

    Yes buy in advance but you will pay top price to do so. I you want to be sure to go on a set date that is the way to go. Try ebay for tickets there is great prices on some very good shows. We travel to Las Vegas every year and use ebay for most shows or we wait and try discount places on strip. Last min prices are very good but get to these places early on day you want to go

  7. Michelle said:

    Just back from Vegas and we waited to get show tickets whilst we were there. We found the Tix4Tonight kiosks were not offering a big enough discount for what they were offering compared to the actual theatre where the show was.The problem was the kiosk was probably saving about $10 per ticket after they take commision etc and they could not guarantee where the seating was. Booking at the actual theatre you could see the floor plan

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