Shrimp cocktail from the Golden Gate

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This small casino -- downtown's oldest -- has been famous for their delectable shrimp for 50 years. Each week they serve a ton of cold-water shrimp in their trademark tulip glasses, the sauce a perfect blend of tangy and spicy.

For almost two decades the price remained a dirt-cheap 99 cents, but inflation and rising fuel costs finally drove the casino to bump the price to $1.99 in 2008, but it's still likely to be the best bargain you'll find in Las Vegas.

Some other casinos try and tout their own version of the shrimp cocktail, but the Golden Gate reigns as king for a reason. For the savvy downtown shellfish fan, it's GG or nothing.

One more note: Don't go to the Golden Gate's snack bar -- located at the back of the casino -- if you're in a rush. The line is notorious for slow movement. Just bide your time and deal with the molasses pace. Like Forrest Gump's friend Bubba said, shrimp are the fruit of the sea, and this treat is worth the wait.

KA: MGM Grand Las Vegas