How’s the area around the Stratosphere?

We are staying at the Stratosphere soon. In different parts of the site you have mentioned that the area between the Strat and the Strip is a "bad neighborhood." What does this mean? How far of a walk is the Strip from the hotel?

(Lebanon, Missouri)

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I feel bad every time we write about the Stratosphere. It's a nice hotel with some good rules on table games for gamblers with some really memorable attractions atop the tower and one of finest restaurants in town, Top of the World. Even with all that going for it, it's not a place I recommend frequently, and that's because of the location.

The Strat is only a mile or so from the north end of the Strip, but I would not advise walking to and from the Stratosphere. When we call the surrounding area a "bad neighborhood" we mean it's not a place where tourist can feel comfortably save, like they can on the main areas of the Strip and Downtown. It's bad enough during the day -- but probably safe -- but at night it's a flat-out bad idea to try and make the trip on foot.

(Let me stress that the areas occupied by the hotel and hotel parking are perfectly safe. It's well maintained, well monitored and guarded. It's when you leave the Stratosphere property that it turns iffy.)

The Stratosphere makes up for its inconvenient location somewhat by often offering some very good deals on room rates. Use some of those savings to pay for the cab fares back and forth from the Strip.

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14 responses to “How’s the area around the Stratosphere?”

  1. Seregert said:


  2. WilliamJelo said:

    Major thankies for the forum post. Want more. Haisley

  3. Priscilla said:

    I wish I would've read this today before venturing out that way today...we were walking and had candy (yes, candy!) whipped at us from a car driving by. It hurt worse than you would think (we think these were lemonheads), and definately startled us. Wow, how old were these idiots?? Well needless to say we will not walk there again!

  4. Dilwyn Lewis said:

    I went up to the stratosphere area to get a tattoo and it took longer than expected to finish so it was late when we finished and when we came out of the tattooist it was like another world from the daytime there were gangs of lads lurking about and not a nice experience the hole area away from the hotel was not nice

  5. Steve the Texan said:

    Charity, I don't know if renting a car would end up being much less expensive than springing for cab rides back and forth from the Strat. You may save a little bit, but probably the amount would be small over the length of your stay. I do know that driving a car on the Strip is a giant pain in the ass. I'll opt for a cab every time, myself.

    There's also not much to worry about any hassle in catching a cab. Unless you're talking about New Year's Eve or another extra-crowded time like that, getting a taxi on the Strip is one of the easiest things you'll do on the trip. (Some information here: Taxis / Fare Estimator.)

  6. Charity said:

    We leave for Las Vegas mid of September. We learned about the not so good location of the Stratosphere (which we are staying at) but instead of paying for a bus or cab we decided to rent a car. Do you think that is a good idea? We were trying to save on cab fare and bus fare. Plus the amount of time that hailing a cab seems to take we figured it would be easier to just drive ourselves.

  7. Ozzymandius said:

    I stay at the Strat almost every time I'm in Vegas and have never had any problems at all. The staff has always been helpful and friendly, The rooms have always been nice and clean. There is a bus station right outside and passes are only about $7 for 24 hours so you don't have to be around the so called "bad parts". After a day of walking the strip you will like having that bus rid back anyway. 9 times out of 10 we sat in the "oasis suite" and its just wonderful, especially when you consider the price for a similar room further up the strip. There is no free internet but good luck finding that anywhere in Vegas.

  8. KIMOSABBE3 said:

    I was at the Stratosphere taking photos at night and began to realize that there were a varity of thugish looking guys walking by on a regular basis so we hopped in a cab and relocated to the Treasure Island end of the strip. It was very obvious that we were in a bad area at night. Beware!

  9. Marquita said:

    Just returned home from spending 5 nights at the stratosphere hotel and I'm very disappointed.not only with the location but with the service. Claiming to have over 2500 employees and only met two who seemed happy with there job. Had to change rooms cuz they gave us two queens instead of one king and that took them two days to get for us. Then the shower was broken as well as lights. At least an inch and a half of space below door so be ready for strange sex noises and room service to wake u....daily. Overall hate this hotel. Even the cheap tickets can't make up for there lack of service. Oh yeah...we requested late check out which is 3 pm and they locked us out off our room 30 mins early with our bags still in room. Do not give ur money to this gimmick of a hotel.

  10. ste charnock said:

    we found the walk from stratosphere to the middle of the strip very nice, stopped at circus circus then carried on to the middle of the problems, we did not know it was a bad area. won't be going that way this june we are at the other end in the luxor

  11. Peeky said:

    Well we managed to cancel our reservation at the Stratosphere and booked the Luxor (which we hope is better! It certainly has a better location) for a rate of £108 for 4 nights.

  12. denise lloyd said:

    as long as you use coomon sense you will be ok at stratosphere. bus stop right outside for strip and across road when returning

  13. Steve the Texan said:

    Peeky, that is a good rate you have, so the upside is that the additional cab fare won't put much of a dent in your overall budget. You do have a long lead time to shop for good discount on a hotel directly on the Strip, though. While neither hotel makes my personal list of favorites, both Circus Circus and Excalibur frequently have rates available in about the same range you have already found. The Flamingo, which I do like a lot and is right in the middle of the Strip, also frequently offers notable discount rates.

    You may want to create a custom deal alert for yourself and see what comes available.

  14. Peeky said:

    We've booked the Stratosphere for November as we got an incredibly cheap rate (£88 for 4 nights) but now after reading about it I'm really starting to re-think. Any ideas of the cheapest but nicer hotels actually on the strip?

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