Summer weather and dinner shows

I am trying to plan a trip in July. How are the temperatures then? I'm also on a budget and was wondering about cheap places to eat and enjoy dinner shows.


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Vegas in July? Hot. It's going to be hot. Don't be surprised to see temperatures reach triple digits. But, like the cliche says, at least it's a dry heat, so it seems a little easier to deal with than the thermometer alone would make you think. The combination of heat and lack of humidity has a few curious effects on the bodies of visitors not accustomed to such a climate. You're going to sweat a lot -- A LOT -- in places that aren't particularly pleasant to sweat in. At the same time other parts of your anatomy will dry up. Places that are bothersome when they're parched. Here are three packing tips that will make life a little easier:

  • Pack more underwear than you think you'll need. This may be the single piece of advice I most frequently give to friends about to make their first trip. You'll be amazed at just how good switching to a new pair of unmentionables in the middle of the day can make you feel.

  • Pack some heavy-duty moisturizers. Your face and hands will start to feel effects of the dry air quickly. As soon as you arrive it's not a bad idea to frequently slather on whatever lotion or cream you prefer.

  • If you're at all prone to dry nasal passages, bring along a bottle of saline nasal spray and squirt that stuff up there regularly. One of my buddies regularly fails to follow this advice, and he regularly gets a Vegas nosebleed.

(For good measure, here are a few more general-purpose weather and packing tips.)

Las Vegas shows really cool things. The very best are elaborate spectacles that amuse, titillate and amaze. But what they aren't, though, is cheap. Luckily there are a couple of dinner shows on the Strip that strike a good balance between affordable and entertaining. One interactive theater presentation -- Tony n' Tina's Wedding (V Theater, at Planet Hollywood) run from about $70 up to about $100 and include a very nice meal to go along with the show. For something a little less theater-like and more along the lines of spectacle, the Tournament of Kings dinner at the Excalibur is something every Vegas visitor ought to enjoy at least once -- horses, jousting, explosions and dinner eaten with your hands... just like Thanksgiving in East Texas. Tickets to this feast run in the neighborhood of $60, but sometimes can be packaged with a multi-show deal to lower the average cost.

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4 responses to “Summer weather and dinner shows”

  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Patty, here are links to a couple of sections that may be helpful:

    * Should I buy tickets in advance?
    * How should I dress at...?

  2. Patty said:

    I am heading to Las Vegas on August 18. What should I wear. I want to go the Grand Canyon, should I buy the tour in advance?

  3. Steve the Texan said:

    The weather is likely to be chilly at that time of year, but not bitterly cold. More than likely a mid-weight or medium-heavy coat will be all that is needed, but check with the local forecast ( before departure.

    Don't try to cram everything into a three-day stay, or you'll end up so stressed by the schedule you don't have any fun. Pick out a few items ahead of time to put on a "can't miss" list, then just keep your eyes open for other things while you're in town. There's so many different things in Las Vegas, you'll be amazed at what you can just stumpble upon.

    Things I always recommend include: visiting the Stratosphere observation deck at night, watching a fountain show outside the Bellagio and touring the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. More suggestions can be found in the "See and Do" section of the site.

  4. Louise said:

    I am heading to vegas at the end of december for three days. whwat will the weather be like and what are the most popular things to do in that shrt length of time?

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