I’m turning 21, will my ID work?

I am going to Vegas for the first time to celebrate my 21st birthday. I will turn 21 while in Las Vegas, so I was wondering if I might encounter any problems having an out-of-state ID that is of a type issued to people under 21? My driver's license has my date of birth on it, but it also says "Under 21 until..." Will this be good enough?


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Vegas casino and club staff deal with "I just turned 21!" visitors a LOT. They also see lots and lots of out-of-state (and out-of-USA) IDs, so they're familiar with what they look like. So long as the identification is legal and has your birthdate on it, they're not going to turn you away because it was originally issued when you were a minor.

You'll have a great time celebrating your 21st in town. If you head directly to a club at 12:01am on your birthday, you won't be the first person to do that. In fact there may be a few people in line ahead of you in the very same boat. Just remember your Vegas trip is something closer to a marathon than a sprint. The worst thing you can do is drink too much on your first day of legality, then spend the next 24 hours stuck miserably in your hotel room trying to calm a head and stomach that want you dead. Vegas hangovers are funny in movies; in real life they suck.

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  1. Linda in Georgia said:

    I just turned 21 today and I was wanting to try drinking but I was worried about this too

  2. Jasmine said:

    In Colorado you may NOT renew your id early if you are under under 22 :) just thought you should know.

  3. Tete in Cali said:

    IM turning 21 in 9 months, and im not a drinker (thank god). i feel like the worst thing is drinking so much that you can not remeber anything you do that day or the day before.dont do like the movie hang over. i know when i go i want to have fun, not be passed out b my toilet.

  4. butchlovenfemme said:

    In regards to your license. Keep in mind that if it expires on your birth date almost all places won't let you in. Even though it has your Bday on it, it is still expired so you might want to renew it before you make the trip and get disappointed.

  5. Rebecca said:

    Thanks! Very Helpful... I was worried about that too. The local clubs in my City wouldn't let my friend in even though he had his paper new 21 ID and his old one.

    Thanks so much :)

  6. Jack in AZ said:

    Thanks for the post folks, I have never been to Vegas before and am taking my g/f. I didn't celebrate mine out there.

  7. Goofy said:

    Of course it will work, just like the other 10 million people doing the same thing.

  8. Steve the Texan said:

    Here's something I learned about drinking while at the gambling tables: Stick to ordering mixed drinks instead of beer. That sounds a little counterintuitive at first, but the casinos keep the alcohol portion of mixed drinks pretty low. You'll be able to handle more of them than beer.

  9. Chris in Texas said:

    Please take the advice about excessive drinking seriously! Las Vegas is a great place to visit no matter what your age, but I can't think of a worse way to spend a vacation than bent over the toilet puking. Go easy on the free drinks they hand out at the casinos.

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