Looking for ‘only in Vegas’ souvenirs

Do you have any suggestions for neat souvenirs for friends back home? Preferably things that are unique to Vegas?

Thank you!
Samantha Sauve
(Ontario, Canada)

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The Las Vegas Strip and Downtown are awash with small and large souvenir shops selling the usual assortment of T-shirts, snow globes, refrigerator magnets and postcards, but those are boring. They're the kind of gifts a person really wouldn't even have to leave the airport to find.

If, like most visitors, you stay at a hotel-casino, try this instead: Visit the hotel gift shop and buy your friends decks of cards that have been used in the casino. These are high quality, usually in good shape and cost very little. They'll be marked with the logo of the particular casino and have been used to win or lose money at the very tables you may have played. They'll usually have one or two corners trimmed slightly, or a small hole drilled through the deck, to ensure that a cheater can't sneak them back into a game.

Game-used dice are also available, but I tend to think cards are more likely to be used back home. Of course if your friend is a big Yahtzee fan, maybe a handful of dice would thrill them.

Almost every casino offers cards for sale. If you can't find them in the gift shop, ask a pit boss while you're gambling.

I'm also a fan of bringing home $1 chips. A lot of folks collect casino chips and they can also easily be turned into magnets, paperweights and the like.

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