What about casino parking?

We will be staying about 4 miles from the Strip? How is parking at or near the casino hotels? Can we drive in and park anywhere?Is there a cost?

(New Jersey)

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Finding free parking at a Strip casino is absolutely easy -- just about every place has huge garages available for no charge (you may have to get a ticket validated inside, but that's not a problem; a garage attendant or pit boss can tell you where to get that taken care of). In fact, most of the large casino garages have free valet parking. Just remember to tip the guy a couple of bucks when you leave.

The casinos do their best to make it very easy for you to get to them -- they want you inside spending money instead of outside circling, looking for a parking spot. Vegas traffic, on the other hand, is a bitch. No matter what time of day or night it is, driving to the Strip is going to be a hassle. You may prefer to just call a cab to take you from where you're staying to the casinos (remember you'll have to be at a hotel to hail a taxi for your return trip). It may run you $10 or $20, depending on where you want to go, but my opinion is it's worth it to avoid being behind the driver's wheel in such think auto and pedestrian traffic... plus I like to drink when I gamble, so that's always a consideration. The Las Vegas police department does not turn a blind eye to DUI.

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  1. Eva said:

    Paris and Planet Hollywood are actually side by side. If you wait for the light at the crlsswaok, it should take you about 5 minutes to get from the Eiffel Tower to the steps of the Miracle Mile Shops.

  2. Steve the Texan said:

    Glad to hear y'all had a fun time during your first visit. I hope the site helped.

  3. H. Bolden said:

    My sister and I were in Vegas for the week of 10-10-2009 and left 10-14-2009. I really enjoyed the four days. We had our room at the Saraha Hotel reasonable hotel for the pocket not a bad place to stay. We only needed it for sleepin and showering, because we where on the strip everyday until late at night. We visited a lot of hotel/casinos and played a lot of slots while we where their. I had won a trip through my employer (swell). We had food from the Saraha, McDonald's and Denny's while we were in Vegas. We took a taxi twice and saw two shows, over all we had a first time FUN TIME.

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