What about Mary Jane?

I've heard that pot is readily available in Las Vegas. Is this true?


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If someone on the street offers to sell you anything, do not buy it. This poor soul has lost his way in Sin City and will gladly trade you the baggie of lawn clippings in his pocket for the cash in yours so he can gamble more, drink more or buy genuine narcotics. These are desperate scams from penniless people. The risk of this is probably higher in Vegas than any other city in the US; they know you have money or else you wouldn't be a tourist in Vegas, and they don't have money because they came to Vegas with a dream that deflated.

As with any city, pot exists and circulates around Las Vegas. Although Nevada laws are more lenient on drug offenses than many other states, there's still a more-than-neglible risk of being arrested. Worse, the bag of weed you buy may be oregano sprayed with Windex and mixed with crushed roofies. In short, none of these options lend themselves to a fun vacation weekend.

The only drugs I've taken in Vegas were brought there by me or by friends. (Not recommended by this site, for obvious legal reasons.) If you're at a private party with people you trust and a joint is making its rounds, you'll have to decide what to do, but buying weed or any drug in Vegas is never a good idea: too many schemers, too many cops and not enough reward to warrant the risk. You're better off getting drunk and gambling or dancing with friends, which is not only allowed in Las Vegas, it's endorsed and encouraged.

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