What can a 19-year-old girl do?

My daughter is 19 years old. Can she go into a club and not drink alcohol? Also, can she be with us when we play the slot machines?


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Sheila, you're not the first to inquire about under-21 activities (See: "Can I drink? Can I gamble?"), but you are the first to ask us about bringing a daughter who can legally drink and gamble in your home country to a place where she cannot. The short answer to your question is no, your daughter can't hang out in drinking clubs or lounges and she can't loiter for too long while you're gambling at slot machines or a table game, or a nearby security guard will descend upon her to deal out swift justice. And by "descend upon her to deal out swift justice" I mean a security guard will lazily shuffle over eventually and softly ask for identification before telling your daughter she can't stay in the casino area.

As for activities she's allowed to enjoy, most hotels on the Strip have a very large, very lively pool. And we don't mean a gardening hose feeding a trickle into a plastic Dora the Explorer splashy pool. Oh no. Not in Vegas. For example: the MGM Grand's "Grand Pool Complex" takes up 6.5 acres (2.7 hectares, or whatever the heck you use over there), with five swimming pools and three whirlpools all connected by a river your girl can navigate on a raft or tube. Surrounding the river and pools are cabanas, foliage, bridges and waterfalls.

Also, most Las Vegas shows, like Blue Man Group, allow audiences of any age. The Cirque du Soleil shows are all-ages except for Zumanity (at New York New York), which seats an audience that is 18-and-over because of the show's racy imagery.

As for musical acts, the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay or The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel offer 18-and-up rock shows (sometimes this changes, the listings on our hotel pages will provide details) and The Farm on South Rainbow Boulevard is one of the only venues in Las Vegas that books edgy rock and punk acts and caters wholly to teenagers.

If she's a wild type, she can ride any of the several roller coasters. I can personally recommend the Big Shot (See: "Unusual... even by Vegas standards") at the top of the Stratosphere, probably the most frightening thrill ride I've ever experienced.

So, while she may not be able to enjoy stereotypical Las Vegas activities -- you know, boozing and losing money at the tables -- she's certainly not going to be bored.

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