Where can I eat cheap on the Strip?

Where are some cheap places to eat on the Strip and shop nearby?

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When you talk about "cheap meals" in regards to the Strip, there are kind of two different definitions. If low cost is the main object and you don't care much about the food, the least-expensive option is always going to be one of the many fast food places that are almost as easy to find as slot machines. Just about every low- to mid-class casino has one or more fast food options inside. When I'm on the Strip and needing some quick fuel, I often find myself paying a visit to the Burger King or Mamma Mia's Pizza inside O'Sheas.

Canter's Deli inside Treasure Island is a step up from fast food, both in quality and price, and is a great option to keep in mind. Their sandwiches are fantastic and HUGE. So big you'll probably need to split one with a friend.

Note: If you are a fan of burgers and spot an In-N-Out, eat there. They have some of the best I've ever eaten.

The second option for "cheap meals" is one with better food quality and more more expensive than a stop at McDonald's -- but with a price still lower than a nice restaurant. For this, the best thing is usually a buffet at a mid- to upper-mid-level casino. Ballys is a good choice, as are Harrahs, Treasure Island, the Flamingo, Luxor, places of that level.

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  1. Marilyn said:

    Can you give us some ideas for doing Las Vegas on the Cheap (for dining, hotel, attractions, shows, etc) or even free preview shows
    We are coming to Las Vegas the first week of April 2014. Thanks
    Also do you happen to have any info on the Riviera ... we were thinking of staying there but it looks online like they may be closing or something going on. We want a nice, clean hotel that is either located on the strip or a safe (walking) distance and area from the strip

  2. Steve the Texan said:

    There's a market in the CityCenter at the Vdara. You'll find it easily once you're there.

  3. Jimmy the Scot said:

    Steve we're not a fan of big breakfasts, is there a convenience store near the Vdara where we can buy basics like Corn flakes, milk tea etc. ?

  4. Leigh B said:

    Happy hour at the Palm Restaurant (inside The Forum Shops @ Caesar's Palace) is cheap, and it's da BOMB!

    From 4:30-6:30pm and 9:30pm-Close on weekdays they offer a "Prime Bites" menu with $4.50 gourmet appetizers like filet mignon sliders, crap cakes, lobster BLTs, fried oysters, and more. It's CRAZY good food for next to nothing!

  5. Steve the Texan said:


    There's a decent chance that the weather will be fine, but February is a tough month to predict, as weather can vary widely at that time of year. Here's a link to a page of the site that may be helpful:

    * What's the weather like in... ?

  6. Linda Brown said:

    getting married in Vegas end of Feb '12. hope to do a helicopter trip to Grand Canyon. should the weather be agreeable?

  7. Steve the Texan said:

    I believe you're talking about Ellis Island, Mickey, a little small casino off the Strip near the intersection where MGM Grand is. The food at that little place really is very good, and it's home to maybe the best steak bargain in town. I'm also a fan.

  8. Mickey said:

    Elis Ile though located behind Bally's well worth the short walk off the strip for EXCELLENT FOOD......try the non advertised (you have to ask about/for it) steak meal.....very friendly people.......

  9. nanni said:

    don't stay at the golden nugget, the charge an extra 25.00 to guaranty a room of your choice even though you called a week in advance.other wise no promises.

  10. Steve the Texan said:

    Ostensibly the fee is for access to the pool, etc. In reality it's just a semi-sneaky way to tacking on a few extra dollars to the bill. That's just my opinion, of course. I'm not a fan of resort fees.

  11. ryan said:

    wats is the charge for steve do u know?

  12. Steve the Texan said:

    I believe you're talking about the much-unloved "resort fees" that are the source of much controversy in the Vegas hotel world. The Monte Carlo does charge one (as of Aug. 18, 2010), running $12.95 per night before tax.

  13. ryan said:

    im staying at the monte carlo in sept i read somewhere that there is a charge off $15 or $20 for a room charge or something i cant really understand it can anyone help?

  14. Steve the Texan said:

    Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon are great, Dereck. The canyon itself is a very impressive site, and copter tours can take you right down in it with just a short flight from Vegas. Whey they aren't, though, is cheap. They're worth the money, but they're definitely a big splurge for some travelers.

    If the cost of a helicopter tour is too much, consider an airplane flyover tour. It's not as memorable, because you can't get below the rim, but it's a fast trip and usually a little less costly than the copter tours.

    And there are always bus tours. They're also fun, but you'll need to set aside pretty much a full day for the trip out and back.

    Any current specials and/or upgrades can be found on our Bargains page.

  15. dereck said:

    whats the helicopters tours like steve,
    looking for a straight flight to the canyon and back no stops
    or frills, what price as money is tight

  16. dereck said:

    cheer,s steve will try it out

  17. Steve the Texan said:

    Dereck, there's a pub inside New York New York called "Nine Fine Irishmen" that I like quite a bit. Despite the decor -- it's built to be an "authentic" Irish bar -- the atmosphere won't be exactly what you're used to at home, but it's still a pretty pleasant spot to enjoy a pint or two. For pub-style food, I like P.U.B inside the Aria.

    Off the Strip, about a $20 cab ride away, there is a place called the Crown & Anchor (any cabbie knows how to get there) that is a regular hangout for expats (Brits mostly, but some Irish) that may be worth a trip.

  18. dereck said:

    1st time in vegas aug 1
    like to have a beer and a wee bit of craic any good pubs...
    any other advide, we are 2 irish couple

  19. Tim Gradzki said:

    IP is the best place to stay on the Strip Cheap clean and there is no need to have a $$$$$ hotel room in Vegas your not in the room most of the vac anyway

  20. larry said:

    Was there last june/july 09, before we went checked on line and then tried Blueberry Hill restaurants. East on Flamingo road about 2-3 miles from stip, $6.00 for FULL meal , desert incl., went 3 times, they roast real turkeys every day, WOW. 24 hours.

  21. Steve the Texan said:

    There's a casino called Terrible's, Bernadine. That might be what you're talking about. It's off the Strip and is really more for locals than for tourists.

  22. bernadine loudon said:

    Hi Steve, Is there a restaurant called the terrible or is someone having a laugh with me

  23. Steve from Illinois said:

    The Denny's at the Casino Royale. $8.00 for a great breakfast. Great service. No waiting if you get there early (before 8am) but lines go quick if you get there later.

  24. Liz said:

    Is Excalober nice to stay in? Is tower one or two best for three girls to chair a room. xx

  25. Steve the Texan said:

    Excalibur had dirt cheap room rates, but I'm not a particular fan of the hotel for most visitors. It's an older place that is beginning to really show its age, the casino is bland, the location is a bit too far away from center Strip for my taste and too often there's more kids in the hotel than I like.

    You might want to use our hotel recommendations to search for other comparable options. For example, Imperial Palace is similar in cost and room quality (which means, "serviceable but not great) but has a much better location.

  26. gill said:

    The outback steakhouse is fab ! best steak and atmosphere - just opposite the volcano at the mirage hotel

  27. annalisa said:

    anyone know what the weather and temp is like in vegas 2nd week of march 2010

  28. Steve the Texan said:

    Nine Fine Irishmen (inside New York New York) is just a good place in general, karen. I really like that pub.

  29. karen from chicago said:

    New york new york has Nine Fine Irishmen that has the worlds greatest shepards pie!

  30. Ron said:

    Best Buffet down town was the Main Street Station. We went on Saturday night. Garden Court Buffet All you can eat Prime Rib $14.00. The kicker of the deal was I printed a 2 for 1 buffet coupon from http://www.vegasexperience.com/coupons/. Lots of downtown coupons. The Food was excellent.

  31. mike said:

    staying at the paris this time, not going till end of march
    buffet should be good.
    as we will rock you is now gone whats next??

  32. Rog said:

    Wow like ur site i'll try some of the things here specially that Buffet at Bally's where i'm staying in Jan thx for the Info.

  33. Steve the Texan said:

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed the dining. I hope you had somebody to help you finish the huge Cantor's sandwich. That place is great.

  34. Micsamus said:

    Came back 3 weeks ago and after reading your comments have to agree that buffets in mid to upper level are best.Also took your advice and went to Cantors Deli,wellworth the money.

  35. Steve the Texan said:

    Elle, the Four Seasons is very good. That wouldn't only apply to Las Vegas. I've never known of a Four Seasons hotel with a subpar restaurant.

  36. Elle said:

    How good is the Four Seasons?

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