Where is the best breakfast on the Strip?

I'm visiting in mid-September, staying at the Venetian. Where are the best breakfasts in the area? What are the must-sees for a four-day stay? What is the easiest way to get around?


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Lin, you packed a lot of questions into a single e-mail. Let me take these one at a time and see what kind of insight I have to give:

Best breakfasts on the Las Vegas Strip

When it comes to breakfast in Vegas, most people are looking for a meal that fits in one of three categories: a high-class start to the day, an eye-popping buffet or something that's simply cheap, filling and fast. The Venetian is in a great location for you to enjoy all three types of breakfasts.

High class

Start right in your own hotel. One of the many dining options in the Venetian is a cafe called Bouchon. You can sit outdoors overlooking the pool and enjoy French-style breakfast fare. For a change of scenery, cross the Strip and head south just a bit. Inside Caesars Palace look for the Payard Bistro (part of the larger Payard Patisserie restaurant). Make yourself believe you're eating healthy by ordering a egg-white omelet, then load up on the pastries full of whipped cream and chocolate.


It's hard to beat the Le Village breakfast buffet at Paris. There are tons of selections, and the hotel takes a great deal of pride in the quality of the food they present. The cost is in the neighborhood of $20-$25 and well worth it. In fact, Paris gets my vote for best breakfast buffet in all of Las Vegas, and it's not really a close race.

Of course should you be in the mood for a seriously classy buffet splurge, try the weekly Sterling Brunch at Ballys. This is held each Sunday from 9:30am-2:30pm (1:30pm is the time for the last reservation) and is an exquisite meal of the free-flowing champagne, caviar and lobster sort. The price reflects that, by the way. It costs upwards of $80. Reservations, which can be made online, are very strongly recommended.

Other good breakfast buffet options on the mid- to high-end of the price and quality scale are Buffet Bellagio and The Buffet at the Wynn.

Cheap, filling and fast

If I'm being honest, this is the variety of breakfast I most often have. And in those cases I don't worry about restaurant title or buffet ratings, I just head to Casino Royale and order a Grand Slam meal from the Denny's inside. It's nothing to brag about, but the food comes quickly, the grease and coffee get me ready for the day, and I'm out in 30 minutes.

If Denny's isn't your thing, then consider Hash House A Go Go in The Quad (the hotel that was formerly known as "Imperial Palace") or the restaurant at Ellis Island. Prices at Hash House do creep up slightly over the "cheap" level, but only a little, and the food if perfect for starting the day. Ellis Island is a small casino near the MGM Grand and a little bit off the Strip. Not only are their breakfasts good, but they offer one of the best steak deals in town. Something to keep in mind for other meals.

What are the must-sees?

I'll start by recommending a "must-do" instead of a "must-see": Gamble. Do quite a bit of gambling. Even if you aren't an expert, learn some basics and wager some cash at the tables. That's what Las Vegas is built upon, after all. I have never understood how some people can visit and not place a single bet. That's like going to the prom and not hoping to feel up your date.

Once you've gotten your fill of gambling, here are some of my favorite things to see and do:

  • Shark Reef in the Mandalay Bay
  • Fine art exhibits in the Bellagio
  • The fountain show outside the Bellagio
  • The Stratosphere observation deck at night

If you want to enjoy a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience -- the kind of thing you'll love telling friends about -- take a day trip to the Grand Canyon. The full-day bus tour is better than driving yourself, but if you have the budget, the very best way to tour the canyon is in a helicopter

What is the easiest way to get around?

Some brochures recommend taking the city bus up and down the Strip, or from the Strip to Downtown. They say it's reliable and cheap. They're right about that, but it's also slow as all get out and you may have to share seating space with a semi-deranged street-dweller who's not too current with his hygiene regimen. Go ahead and pay a little extra money to ride the monorail if you find your feet too tired for another walk on the Strip or catch a cab. It'll cost more, but the convenience is worth it.

NOTE: Always take a taxi from the Strip to the Stratosphere or Downtown. Downtown is much too far away for walking (and the bus ride is slower than Simple Jack) and the area between the Strip and the Strat is not a good neighborhood.

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  1. Jan said:

    We just spent 6 days in Vegas and the best breakfast was the buffet at the Mirage. We found it on the last day we were there. Had we found it sooner, we would have returned. There's nothing you could want that wasn't on this breakfast buffet. Too bad I filled up so fast and didn't try so many delicious looking offerings. If we go back to Vegas in the future, we will definitely have breakfast at the Mirage buffet again!

  2. Roadrunner said:

    Good article for first timers, however I do object to the bus thing. While it is true that the Deuce on the Strip can take forever, taking a taxi from Downtown to the Stratosphere is downright a waste of money. While I wouldn't recommend walking, either, I do recommend taking the Strip & Downtown Express bus. It's hardly any slower than a cab, it's a nice, modern, safe bus and for a buck fifty or so dirt cheap.

  3. Al said:

    I have been going to Vegas for 30 years & Terribles has great steaks & ribs at reasonable prices. Ellis island is also good place for breakfast.

  4. CDF said:

    Firstly, love this site. Been going to LV for decades and it isn't what it used to be since corp. took everything over and their greed has ruined best city in the world. I recommend Harrah's as best and friendliest casino in town for hotel and casino. Bill's has best food values as does 4 Queens downtown. Best value buffets are Main St. and other Station casinos. Rent a car if u plan on not being trapped in your hotel and would like to navigate the city. Don't be afraid to drive there as it is quite easier than u might think. Cabs are way over-priced and valets are free, but tip for the convenience. Good luck and enjoy your stay!

  5. David S said:

    Bills saloon hotel across for RIO has the best breakfast in town and it's awesome.
    another hidden jem but on the strip is the Mexican place beside M&M World and Coke Cola World....again good pricing and good food.

  6. David S said:

    Bills....its off the strip but the Breakfast is cheap...and Tasty!

  7. Tony said:

    Paris Paris Buffett was good but service sucked . Very slow on getting drinks . But food was good, not worth the 175.00 for 4 people!!!

  8. Steve the Texan said:

    The Strip and other tourist areas are generally very safe, but the standard precautions always apply: Make your purse or wallet difficult to get to, watch your drinks, girls are better off sticking together with a friend, etc. Here is a link to articles with more information:

    * Las Vegas and safety

  9. Miesha said:

    Me and one of my friends are going to Vegas for the first time. We both are 25yrs old. And I just want to know during the night, if we are going to a club or leaving a club on the strip, is it safe to walk or is it better to walk?

  10. Steve the Texan said:

    An answer posted here, Diana: Bellagio.

  11. diana said:

    Hi, I like the comments in the page
    I,m going to Las Vegas alone April 20 2013. is it a safe city for ladies during the day?
    I like the Bellagio is too expensive?
    Thanks Diana
    Thanks Diana

  12. michael said:

    I found the information on this website was exellent!!!!!!! thank to all contributors

  13. kathy said:

    Terribles has the best breakfast buffet(coupons for 2 for one at $6.99) and then stay for Bingo I know,I know but bingo for dummies (use the machine) then tip the waitresses a buck and you will always have a fresh drink longest time to lose the least amt of $$$!!

  14. frank heinrich said:

    had my wallet stolen on the bus,pickpocket. in front of circus circus, mon oct17th/11. hadmy winnings in it 600.00. lost all my i.d. im from b.c. canada. im 77 years old what a loss.

  15. Kirk said:

    Best buffet Breakfast is at red rock 4.99 and the food is fabulous. next but expensive is Bellagio 32.00 for two well worth it skip the Wynn just regular food laid out to look huge and plentiful not worth it at all. diner is great though

  16. Steve the Texan said:

    Jim, there are a lot of excellent places for breakfast on the Strip, but nothing I would consider to be an old-style diner. Those don't exist much anymore.

    If you want to commemorate your trip with some ink, a good place to visit would be Vince Neil Ink near the Flamingo. (Warning: Their website is a confusing mess.)

  17. jim said:

    where can i find a old style american diner in las-vegas and where can get a good tattoo as well

  18. Steve the Texan said:

    Despite a few recent stories, the tourist areas of Las Vegas are usually very safe. Just follow a few common-sense rules:

    Don't wander away from the main area of the Strip -- say from Mandalay Bay to the Circus Circus.
    Don't walk from the Strip to the Stratosphere.
    If you go Downtown, stay in this defined area.
    Follow the basic rules of tourism: Keep your wallet somewhere it's hard to get to, don't let a purse be an easy target, etc.

  19. john said:

    safety is a concern in a strange city what areas are best to avoid

  20. Steve the Texan said:

    Tony, here's a link to an article thay may be helpful:

    * Spread the wealth: Tipping in Vegas

  21. Tony Bennett said:

    Four of us going to Vegas in September for my 50th, all first timers. What's the score on tipping, whether it be in Restaurants, our hotel (The Bellagio) or the casino's ?

    Cheers anyone

  22. Steve the Texan said:

    Jackie, it may be the Ethel M chocolate factory you're asking about. Here's a link to an article with information:
    * Mmmm, chocolate...

    As for the Mustang, you should be able to rent one from one of the car rental agencies at the airport. Since that's a non-standard car, it would be best to make a reservation in advance. Avis, Budget and Dollar all have Mustangs available most days. Discount links can usually be found in the Ground Transortation section of our Bargains page.

  23. jackie shead said:

    hiya i just got married on 18/06/2011,we are comming to vegas for our honeymoon on 25/10/11 we are staying at the new york hotel,we are excited and cant wait,we want to hire a mustang,also weres the chocolate m and m store,wheres the best places to go we only have 6 nights thanx

  24. Steve the Texan said:

    I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Bill's for breakfast, but I do love their old-school steak house. That's worth a dinner visit for anyone who appreciate classic Las Vegas atmosphere.

  25. jacki hall said:

    the best place for breakfast ( or any other meal ) is without a doubt bills gambling hall right in the middle of the strip, food is delicious & enormous portions with not a bad price tag ! highly reccommended !

  26. Trevor said:

    From Liverpool UK...been to Vegas every year for the past ten and my daughter gets married there during July...Great beer and food at ELLIS ISLAND just near BALLYS....Flamingo for brekkers watching the wildlife thru' the windows....All the shows are great !! Never get tired of the place and its mainly very friendly..Cheers..Trev

  27. Steve the Texan said:

    Bill, South Point is a nice place with a crowd that tends to skew a little on the older side. It's not a spot I generally recommend to first-timers, as it's located too far from the main area of the Strip. You'll want to take a taxi back and forth.

    Here's a link to some information about the nearby Royston Turquoise Mine.

  28. Bill said:

    Wife and I will be in vegas 2nd week of May. Staying at Southpointe and have rental car with unlimited miles. Interested in digging turquoise locally. Any free or for fee digging areas? Also would like info about the hotel, Thanks

  29. DEE said:

    Best place Ive been for breakfast is the Grand Lux cafe, and its actually in the venitian, people staying in other hotels will even walk or take a cab to eat there for breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

  30. susan said:

    Planet Hollywood is the place to eat, their buffet is fantastic and a lot cheaper than any other hotel I have ben to.
    Earl of Sandwich at PH, best sandwich you will ever taste, enough for 2 people and the cost is around $7.00.
    Also their breakfast sandwich is delicious and filling for a very cheap price (can't remember what it is).
    PF Chang's restaurant in PH also excellent and very affordable, everything about PH is great and would recommend to anyone. I have been to Vegas 6 times including getting married there) and out of all the hotels PH is by far the best.

  31. char smith said:


  32. Condo said:

    A reasonably inexpensive and alternative to buffets would be any of the hotels coffee shops. Most have an excellent breakfast menu and you can order just what you want without overdoing on a buffet.

  33. carl said:

    will b going las vegas 22 sept 10 first time , with my wife for 7 days. Staying at the flamingo where can i buy designer clothes without paying english prices

  34. Steve the Texan said:

    Here's an article that may be helpful, Carl:

    * Shopping on the cheap

    The Flamingo is a good spot for the price. Excellent location and the rooms, especially the new GO rooms, are fairly nice. It's also home to a show by Donny and Marie Osmond that is quite a bit of fun.

  35. sue said:

    Hi ..been to vegas twice and its fab .. going again in sept to see cher and staying at the mirage .. brilliant hotel ..seen the show LOVE .. amazing .. definately recommend the trip to anyone ..

  36. Steve the Texan said:

    Take a look at our Bargains and Discounts page, Sue. There have been some Cher (and "Love") deals coming through lately. I'm not sure of expiration dates off the top of my head, though.

  37. Sean said:

    Hello to all,

    I am looking to visit in June, just before Cher finished at Caesars Palace. Am I right in thinking July 4th is her LAST show there?!?!?!
    I have read a few reviews of her show that say its AWFUL.....I need some advice, its a long way to travel from UK if thats true? Any help??

    Where best to stay between:
    Palazzo? Bellagio? Venetian? THE@ Mandalay bay? Wynn? Encore @ Wynn? Vdara? The Signature @ MGM???

    Thanks to anyone for any help?

  38. Steve the Texan said:

    You're dead on about the Bellagio brunch, Gill. It's not cheap, but, holy cow is it great.

  39. gill said:

    Breakfast at any hotel buffet style - take your time and have plenty mini courses - we did Luxor which feels like indaiana jones surroundings and Bellagio Sunday bruch was fantastic for special occasion as a bit more expensive

  40. simon from hull said:

    visiting vegas for the first time with my wife. need to know good shows and what,s the new york hotel like.

  41. Steve the Texan said:

    Simon, New York New York is a perfectly fine hotel. The rooms are nice, the casino is a good one, there are a couple of bars in NYNY that I like quite a bit and it's home to a pretty good rollercoaster. The only knock on it is that it's slightly off the center of the Strip. Not too much, but just a little. If you stay there, I wouldn't expect you'd have any major complaints.

    Show information and recommendations can be found here.

  42. shiela said:

    staying at luxor 25th april for 5 nights. whats will weather be like. best places to eat and go . best entertainment

  43. Debbie said:

    Donny & Marie's show at the Flamingo is a must-see! They put on an incredible show - very, very entertaining!

  44. lynne said:

    i am going to las vegas on 6th april for a wedding hope its hot does it get cold at night?

  45. steve said:


  46. ANTIONETTE said:

    I've been seeking all around for this particular material. Good thing my partner and i discovered it at Yahoo.

  47. Steve the Texan said:

    The Golden Gate (also Downtown, across from the Plaza) has a coffee shop I'm very fond of. I really like breakfast there. I'm talking about the coffee shop, though, not the deli. The deli is for shrimp cocktail only, in my book. And what great shrimp cocktail it is.

  48. sallie said:


  49. jason young said:

    want to see the grand canyon in your opinion whats the best value for money trip either by plane or helicopter

  50. jason young said:

    off to vegas in aug for our wedding & honeymoon love some advice on what clothes to wear day & night staying at the venetian would $60 each cover our food what transport would you recommend for the shopping outlets and can you use the hotel joined to the ventian thanks jason

  51. jack said:

    want to visit canyons south rim west rim what is best transport and good company to book with what is different with south and west rims also how far tips on bus

  52. annalisa said:

    never been to las vegas before have a trip booked for 8th march 2010. for 7 days can anyone tell me what to see first and any good eating places especially the american breakfasts.also where are the best places to shop and drop

  53. Steve the Texan said:

    Vegas was hit pretty hard by the housing bust and the recession, and that affected the atmosphere of the town for a while. A couple of years ago it seemed like everyone working in the tourism industry -- from cabbies all the way up to hotel management -- was in a perpetually grumpy mood. Over the last year or so, though, the town has moved back toward its familiar exciting feel. I'd say there's a growing sense of optimism in town about the local economy, and that's helped bring back a happier vibe.

  54. mike said:

    Coming back after 3 years away stayed in luxor, monte carlo now trying the paris .
    Has vegas got the same buzz????

  55. chris said:

    great breakfast buffet at the mirage. unlimited champagne ( and theyre not mean, it keeps on coming ). its called Cravings. about $22 each. well worth it

  56. roy said:

    3 guys heading to vegas in 2 weeks were staying at newyork newyork wats it like

  57. Rick S said:

    Going to Vegas in 2 weeks for first time with spouse. 1. Best way to eat cheap? Should we buy coupon book to eat cheap? 2. Cheapest place to buy KÀ by Cirque Du Soleil tickets? 3. Best sushi restaurant in Vegas? Thanks

  58. Steve the Texan said:

    You can't go wrong with either choice. I'm a big fan of Caesars Palace because I like the classic Las Vegas vibe it has, but the Wynn epitomizes new Vegas luxury. If you're looking for a really plush stay, I'd lean a little toward the Wynn, but only slightly so.

    If you decide to simply go with whichever hotel has the better rates for the time of your stay, be assured you aren't going to make a wrong decision.

  59. Jo said:

    Hi, me and my partner going to vagas next June for our honeymoon. We have been quoted on caesars and The encore/wynn where is better? We are 25 and 28.


  60. Steve the Texan said:

    Donna, Paddy,

    I love Caesars Palace. The location cannot be beat and, while the hotel is an older one, the rooms are still very nice. For a lot of reasons Caesars is one of my favorite places in town.

    If you're arrriving with a group of eight, I think you should definitely consider going with a limo shuttle from the airport. Since you'd have to take two taxis, one stretch limo will be just about the same lost. Perhaps a little more expensive, but not much. Here's a link to some information on limo shuttles and a couple of companies we've used in the past. When making a reservation just make sure you are booking an airport shuttle and not some other item.


  61. DONNA said:

    Hi Donna here again going to Vegas 6th December there will be 8 in the party thinking about a limousine from the airport to hotel just wondering how much this would cost and who gives the best deal and service.

  62. paddy said:

    pat here donna going same time same hotel.it is in the midle of the strip just across from ceasers palace.dont no how good hotel is.i have been told it is very good

  63. Donna said:

    There is 4 couples goin to vegas the 1st week in December just wondering what clothes to pack. We are staying in The Imperiel Palace what is it like and is it on or near the strip.

  64. Steve the Texan said:

    Rooms are decent, but not great. They're much closer to the "bare-bones budget hotel" end of the scale than the luxury end. Here's a link to more information.

  65. Etta said:

    We would like to know how the rooms are at the Sahara hotel?

  66. Steve the Texan said:

    Well, maybe from a "real" Ricky Hatton, just probably not from THE real Ricky Hatton you're thinking of.

  67. Joanne Wall said:

    Are those comments posted on September 11th from the real Ricky Hatton?!

  68. Ron said:

    A Must stop for our Vegas trip is to the Peppermill on the strip. between the Winn and Riviera. Very Nice atmosphere. Great food. and open 24hours. Price average $15.00. Must check out the fire side lounge inside. Peppermill Restaurant 2985 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas • (702) 735-4177

  69. Dave Swanson said:

    The Green Valley Ranch - in Henderson about 10 min. off the strip is incredible. The celebs go there to relax - sat in the hot tub with Kevin Bacon last yr. Michael Jackson had been there the prev. week. Facilities, spa & exercise, pool and cabanas incredible. proximity to shops, theater, restaurants is walking distance. Security the best. Priced under $100 night for a king suite. You won't be sorry.

  70. JUNE.WILLIAMS said:


  71. Reb of UK, previously TX said:

    Harrah's has an excellent value-priced buffet too. And Cirque du Soleil shows are amazing in Vegas because of the purpose-built stages.

  72. Ricky Hatton said:

    forgot to mention the Crown and anchor does a lovely bit of sunday roast as well!

  73. Ricky Hatton said:

    I hear the best breakfast just off the strip is the crown and anchor, a must for all english breakfast fans. Especially before a big day of gambling or travelling

  74. Colleen said:

    You have to see Le'Reve at Wynn Casino. Is a much better show, and cheaper than "0"!! The show is about DREAMS! DO NOT go see "0"! At Bellagio. Minus 5 ice lounge at Manalay Bay is cool and different. Dueling Pianos at New York New York is cool. The Mirage has an awesome Buffet, great crab legs, and a big variety of stuff to try! Luxor has the most coolest rooms, and big! The Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood is nice. There is a Premium Outlet Mall down pass the Rio casino.
    I would go there, best deals, nice brand name stuff. I have soo much more to tell, but it's late!! Good luck!!!!!!! :)

  75. gilly cook said:

    Iam thinking of las vegas next year with my husband and 13 year old daughter for 2 weeks could anyone reccommend a hotel and my be a ranch / cowboy style few days ?

  76. Steve the Texan said:

    I've heard good things about Terrible's, but it's too far off the Strip to make my list of recommendations for people staying in that particular area. If a person found themself in the area, though, it would be worth stopping for a buffet visit. The prices are very good for all times of day.

  77. Willie Lee said:

    You guys forgot the breakfast @ Terrible's. It may be the best value in town.

  78. Steve the Texan said:


    Another FTLV reader had an excellent answer to your question. I have moved it to the "Ask a Vegas Vet" section of the site, where it is a better fit.

  79. Vicky said:

    Where do I start??
    1. Although expensive go and see "O" at the Bellagio book the tickets on line before you go and collect them there it will be worth it for good seats. Any Cirque du soliel shows will be worth the price but another must is "Ka" at MGM Grand
    2. Legends at Harrahs is a bit more budget but aqain a great night out for all.
    3. Of a day try a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon to the West rim. You can go by coach but this will be a long day. Breath taking views and an absolute must.
    4. Try and get around all the hotels each has their own theme/things to do from white tigers at the Mirage to shark reef at the Mandalay Bay.
    5. Shopping. There are 6-7 huge malls not far from the strip with fantastic prices.
    6. Food. Eat at the all you can eat buffets with prices from $20 all you can eat all day (breakfast, lunch dinner) passes at MGM, Stratosphere, Luxor etc... Everywhere is cheap and all good. Look on line at the hotels there's great competition. The best buffet is at the Rio just off the strip.

    We're going in September for our 4th visit!! Enjoy

  80. LISA said:


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