Caesars Palace

Area: Strip
  • Old location (built in 1966) but continually renovated.
  • New Las Vegas extravagance and matching price tag.
  • Wealthy celebrity guests as well as a TV show poker room -- NBC films "Heads Up" poker tournament here.
  • Perennially popular night club, Pure.
  • Large amphitheater hosts Celine Dion, Cher, Bette Midler, Elton John and other big names regularly.
Caesars Palace

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10 responses to “Caesars Palace”

  1. seamus said:

    hi, me and her indoors are staying at ceasars for 4 nights early sept, will the $20 trick work, and best place for breakfast, also is it best to book helly tour on line or in LV.

  2. Kim said:

    We just came back from our first trip to Las Vegas on Saturday. We stayed at Caesars Palace and will never be satisfied staying anywhere else again. What a wonderful place. Beautiful, great location, wonderful food choices, helpful staff. Best vacation we have ever taken!

  3. Steve the Texan said:

    Caesars usually has at least one pool open year round, although it may be the Venus Pool... which is the "European style" one. That's Vegas-talk for "topless."

    Depending upon the dates of your visit, though, you may arrive in time to be able to relax at any of the outstanding pools they have. The closer you can get your trip to early October, the better your chance.

  4. Karen said:

    We want to go to Caesar's in late Oct. or Nov. Will the pools still be open? I hope so!

  5. Steve the Texan said:

    I love Caesars Palace, it's one of my favorite places in town. The casino is excellent, the sports book might be the best on the Strip, the hotel is fairly luxurious without being quite as expensive as some of the new top-end places, the pool is great, the nightlife is hopping and the mid-Strip location cannot be beat.

    If you booked your stay at Caesars, I don't think you'd regret it.

  6. Mel said:

    is Caesars a good place for a first time visit? And any other helpful hints :-)

  7. Steve the Texan said:

    Caesars Palace is one of my two or three favorite places on the Strip -- maybe my very favorite. It's an older hotel, so it doesn't quite match the pure luxury of new glam places like the Wynn and Bellagio, but it has a classic Vegas charm those places doesn't. The pool remains one of the best in town -- definitely worth a visit during the day for some rest and detox -- and Caesars is home to both fantastic shopping and great bars -- Pure is one of the main nightlife hotspots of the moment.

  8. Karen said:

    i am going to vegas in october this year and stay in caesars palace. can any one tell memore information on this hotel like good things to do, place to eat and drink etc thanks

  9. andrea said:

    amazing, cheesecake factory one of the best places in vegas to eat.

  10. chris said:

    this isn't a hotel. its a town!!! you wont believe how huge this place is. amazing.

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