Area: Off-Strip
  • A very nice place that's the victim of bad location -- not really on the Strip proper or Downtown.
  • Tallest building west of the Mississippi, and the tallest observation tower in the US.
  • Has thrill rides at the top of the building. One, The Big Shot shoots straight up in the air and can be incredibly frightening. Has a topless vampire show, Bite, and a celebrity impersonators show.

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2 responses to “Stratosphere”

  1. Joseph Gardner said:

    I have stayed at the stratosphere hotel for the last six years, and the hotel is a great place to stay, just on hotel coast alone, Lass vegas is great place. I come from uk.

  2. Rahul said:

    Living in Vegas I know unless you are a big gabelmr, called a whale, nothing is free. Most of those free hotels are to sell you time shares. I would book directly with an airline or hotel. Most hotels have deals with airlines like Southwest, JetBlue, MidWest, Alaska, etc. I would never give my personal information to an unknown just to save money

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