Area: Strip
  • Part of the shining new CityCenter
  • Elegant and directly above a nest of world-class shopping

Photo from Hotels.com

2 responses to “Vdara”

  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Vdara is on the upscale side of things, but it's not likely you'll feel uncomfortable at all. It's simply a nice hotel that happens to be next to a boutique shopping area that has a large selection of luxury items. Honestly, you probably won't notice anything out the ordinary from any nice hotel.

  2. Ron said:

    This will be our first time in Vegas. Staying at the Vdara because its a non-gaming hotel. I have also noticed that this hotel has a very pricey shopping center on the premises. I am not one for expensive clothes and jewelry so am I going to feel uncomfortable staying at this hotel?

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