Will my boyfriend get into the club?

My boyfriend and I are going to be visit Las Vegas in June. We are going to be staying at the Venetian. I want to go and see the usual tourist sights but I also want to drink like crazy and have more fun than ever. The problem with this is that I know trying to get into clubs with your boyfriend is pretty difficult. Where do you suggest we go to get good drinks and have a blast at night?

(San Diego)

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Let's start with your main concern: getting your boyfriend into a club. Don't worry about it too much, as it's not likely to be a big problem. It's not hard to get a guy into a club; it's hard to get a group of guys into a club. Women feel more comfortable around women and, obviously, men feel the same way. Thus the more chicks a club has, the better off they are, and they know this. Getting one guy in is doable, especially when he's with one or more ladies to balance the odds. But a pack of six dudes with zero women would have better luck getting to Canada on a tricycle than getting into a swanky Vegas lounge. Since you've only got the one hombre, you're not doing too bad.

First, dress him up. That means get him out of those jeans and that stupid college T-shirt and put him in big-boy pants. Run a comb through his hair and put a mint in his yap. In short, dress him nicer than you think you have to.

Second, get in good with the wait staff at a hotel. Since you're staying at the Venetian -- and one of the hottest nightclubs, Lavo, is right next door at the Palazzo -- eat at the Palazzo's Sushi Samba or Restaurant Charlie and chat up your waitress. Be nice to her, really lay on the charm and tell her you're going to dance at Lavo later. Put 50 bucks on the table and ask if she can pull a few strings to get you in; works every time.

Third, if you don't have the 50 bucks to drop you're going to wait in line. There's no way around this. But while you're in line, chat up some other girls around you. If you get a group of two or three good-looking girls plus your one dude, the bouncer's going to let you in just based on the numbers.

Once you're inside, pick an area to call home base and quickly get on good terms with your waitress. Tipping a 20 on the first round, then at least $5 each time afterwards, will keep the drinks coming at whatever pace you want, and almost certainly faster than having to wade through the crowd surrounding the bar each time your glass is empty.

You may notice all the tips here revolve around either hot chicks or a constant flow of money. Welcome to Las Vegas. The whole city is built on those two concepts. Finding a great place to dance and drink to your heart's content is easy, but it won't be cheap. Don't sweat it, though. You only live once and you may only get a handful of chances to party like a high-roller in the glitziest city in the world. It's worth it.

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  1. Steve the Texan said:

    Get to the clubs early, Michael, especially on a weekend night. That's probably the single best advice for a guy who wants to make sure he gets into the most popular clubs.

  2. michael said:

    I'm going to Vegas in two weeks, any tips for a dude going on his own especially getting in to clubs.

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