Will the Riv be open for my stay?

I am entering a slot tourney at the end of October at the Riviera. I have read a lot of bad press about the financial situation at the Riv. Our flight is booked and we are set to hit Vegas on Oct. 28, 2009. Have you heard anything about the casino going bankrupt? I really hate to arrive and have no place to stay.

I know she is an old casino but we enjoy the old-style places. Any help would be appreciated if you see any negative news about the Riv.

(Columbus, Ohio)

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[UPDATE, March 8, 2010: The Riviera is still hanging on. Financial troubles still remain for the hotel, but it does not appear that a closing is imminent. We still advise careful consideration before booking a stay here, but it's not likely that any near-term reservations already made are in any kind of danger.]

I'm with you on preferring the old-school casinos to the new mega-luxury places that have sprouted on the Strip over the last decade or so. The new places are extremely nice, but my opinion is that they lack the true Vegas charm found in many older properties.

The Riviera was a great place for many years, but it has been hit especially hard by the economic downturn, and filing for bankruptcy has been mentioned as a possibility. But the Riv is still hanging on as of now. I couldn't advise anyone to make a reservation there, simply because of the uncertainty surrounding the casino, but your trip is only about a month out and the Riv is still open for business. If it were to shut its doors, there would likely be some warning period, so you're probably safe for this trip.

Beyond the near term, though, it's anybody's guess whether or not this old spot will survive.

Anyone who's visited within the last year or two can vouch for just how much Las Vegas has felt the tough times. Room vacancies, idle construction cranes, staff cutbacks... the signs are obvious. The upsides for the visitor have been great deals on rooms and bargains galore. With the economy apparently beginning to turnaround, it'll be interesting to see how quickly the rebound is felt in Sin City.

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3 responses to “Will the Riv be open for my stay?”

  1. Ron said:

    Just a quick not on my Riviera Trip in October. The room renovations are Very nice. Comfortable beds, LCD TVs and Clean. Very affordable rooms at $35.00 players rates.Casino was not as Full as past visits but they had a good crowd in the evenings. The Shows have been all but moth balled besides maybe two or three headliners. The Staff were excellent and accommodating. Avoid the Buffet which had a large variety of Indigestion. The other food options were fine. I enjoyed my stay at the riv and hope they survive this economic time. She still has the old time Vegas charm that I enjoy. Ron

  2. Steve the Texan said:

    There's been no more news about bad tidings for the Riv for a few months now, so my gut tells me you're probably OK for your April stay. I do think it would be wise to keep e-mailing your travel company with your concerns, just to find out what would happen in the worst case.

    More than likely, though, I believe the hotel will still be open for your time in town. If it were going to close, I would have expected it to have already happened.

  3. margaret baxter said:

    have read your coments we are now very worried. we have booked and paid for our holiday. it is avery special 50th wedding anversary.
    we have not heard from our travel company. we did book it on line.
    what do you advise us to do we are booked for 8 days in april 2010 margaret

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